Gelatin pneumatic conveying for weighing hopper feeding

pneumatic conveying hopper feeding palamatic process


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Company and factory end product

Pharmaceutical plant which is among the the world leaders for the supply of capsules (oral).


Product treated

Pork, fish, cattle, gelatin for the coating of the capsules.



1-To Ensure the feeding of the melter with virgin gelatine (separation of dust and grain) 
2-To move from the storage room to the gray area and then to the white zone without contamination 
3-To select and dose the gelatin before introducing it through the bottom of the melters 
4-To ensure the transfer of the product into the reactor under vacuum and at high temperatures


Palamatic equipment

Hygienic fibc discharging system with handling cage, pneumatic conveying integrating the particle size separation, dosing and incorporation hopper with total emptying.


Palamatic installation

PALAMATIC has developed a very specific design to ensure maximum hygiene for all areas: pallets loading / handling cage, channeled conveying air of the clean room.

The conveying system ensures multiple functions thereby minimizing the number of equipment installed.

Functions performed: dosing, particle size separation, transferring, introduction into the melter.


Results obtained

This innovating concept has become a PALAMATIC specialty.

The design of pneumatic conveying equipment allows minimum equipment for maximum functionality.