In preparation in our workshops: bulk bag emptying station EasyFlow® Flex

Date de l’événement:  Tuesday, December 11, 2018 - 09:30

This installation concerns an industrial brioche production line.

The station is used for emptying big bags and transferring additives (salt, milk powder, enzymes).
It feeds 2 dosing lines to a kneader.

This station has small overall dimensions (low roof building) and reduces handling by operators, who until now had to lift 25 kg bags.
The EasyFlow® Flex bulk bag emptying station is the combination of a VFlow® pneumatic conveying system and a big bag emptying station. It is equipped with a suction tube that is directly plunged into the bulk bag.

This station allows automatic emptying operations without operator intervention. Bulk bags are positioned using a simple pallet truck or forklift truck.

remplissage-big-bags-easyflowflex.jpg   remplissage-big-bag-easyflowflex.jpg