Tests of discharge of sacks of Celite powder in contained mode in our test center

Date de l’événement:  Thursday, September 13, 2018 - 08:30

A company working in the fine chemicals sector is looking for a solution to dump 25kg sacks of celite into a water-filled reactor. 

The low particle size of the powder makes it volatile and harmful to the respiratory tract.
The equipment will allow the contents of the sacks to be emptied in a contained area, while not altering the ergonomics for the operator.

The tests took place on our sack discharging station Ergotip® which has the following strong features:
- Containment / dust removal
- Ergonomics for sack handling (infeed conveyor, large glass surface, operator positioning)
- Automatic sack cutting
- Evacuation of empty sack into sack compactor