Round dust collector

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Provides containment and cleanliness for your process

1 to 48m² filtration surface area
60 to 4,500 m3/h. flow rate

Round dust collectors are used for both venting and suction applications. The modular system combines the maximum safety of a flanged body connection with the variety of options in terms of type of filter media and filtering elements with the unique integrated pneumatic cleaning system design.

Main advantages

  • High performance filtration
  • Available with or without fan
  • Easy to clean, comfortable maintenance height
  • Replacement of the filter elements without tools
  • Long life
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Hygienic operation
  • Working safely
  • Reduced management costs
  • Exceptional value for money


industrial dust collector industrial dust collector for powder industrial round dust collector round dust collector for powder


They are fitted with a stainless steel cylindrical body with flange connection that contains the filter elements mounted vertically. The automatic cleaning system of compressed air is completely integrated into the top module. The compact body is made of 304 stainless steel with lower connecting flange incorporated.

  • Filter surface from 1 to 48 m²
  • Air flow rate from 60 to 4500 m³/ h
  • Low level of dust emissions due to BIA-certified filter media
  • High performance filtration
  • Easy maintenance thanks to easy access and rapid replacement of filter elements
  • Electronic and intelligent multifunction card
  • Filter elements: circular sleeves, elliptical sleeves, cartridges, POLYPLEAT
  • Cleaning system with compressed air integrated in the cover
  • High cleaning thanks to the solenoid valves
  • "Full Immersion" incorporated into the aluminum tank (corrosion resistant)
  • Cover with safety device and with lock
  • Replacement of filter elements without tools


Depending on the applications, a wide range of options is available:

  • Suction fan
  • Spigot for centralised suction
  • Electronic differential pressure meter
  • Large front door providing easy access for filtering sleeves or cartridges removal
  • Dust collection hopper with bucket, butterfly valve or rotary valve
  • Winter protection for solenoid valves

Versions available:

  • Filter with base plate for vacuum or pressure applications
  • Insert filter for vacuum or pressure applications
  • Filter for vacuum applications

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