Flexible fitting

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BFM® Fitting: Connect upper and lower pipework section with a perfect seal statically and dynamically

Designed for installation and uninstallation with no tools in just a few seconds, this flexible BFM® Fitting ensures a perfect seal for the connection.


Main advantages

  • Hygiene : no retention, perfect seal
  • Size: perfectly adjustable
  • Installation : with no tools, fool-proof system
  • Pressure resistance: if an explosion occurs, the gaskets tighten. Assembly for the interior, reinforcing tightening
  • Standard sizes : from 100 to 650 mm by 50 mm increments (spare part inventory optimization)
  • Safety : flexible fitting change-out with no tools ; simply interlock by hand (one operator)



flexible fitting on pneumatic conveying line flexible fittings on conveying screw flexible fitting flexible fitting on vibratory frame electrical continuity between the 2 pipes under FIBC unloading unit flexible fitting 3 flexible fitting as stopper flexible fitting on vibratory sifter flexible fitting under valve flexible fitting on pipeline feeding an hopper milk powder conditioning-skid bulk-handling-systems bulk-handling-systems-mixer.jpg


flexible fitting before flexible fitting after
  • The patented fitting is comprised of two elements - the standardised spigot and a suitable flexible connector
  • Diameter from 100 to 650 mm
  • Length of the flexible connector: 150 (Ø 100 to 150) / 200 (Ø 200 to 650)
  • Width of the connector : 1 mm
  • Material of the connector : Nylon, kevlar, PTFE

Flexible fitting assembly

flexible fitting assembly

Seeflex fitting and kevlar fitting

seeflex fitting and kevlar fitting


It may be mounted in-line, offset, or on oscillating parts



Ø standard internal diameters in mm Standard length (LM) in mm Dimensions4
100 100 150
200 200



connector seeflex 040

Connector SEEFLEX 040

Connector SEEFLEX 040, Polyurethane, width 1 mm, Highly resistant, ideal on vibrating screens and screens, T° = -40° à 82 °C - FDA approved

connector seeflex 020

Connector SEEFLEX 020

Connector SEEFLEX 020, Polyurethane, width 0.5 mm, Highly resistant, ideal on weighing systems, T° = -40° à 82 °C - FDA approved

connector seeflex 400W

Connector SEEFLEX 400W

Connector SEEFLEX 400W, Blue polyurethane, width 1 mm, for CIP operation, Highly resistant to acid and caustic soda, T° = -40° à 82 °C - FDA approved

connector LM4

Connector LM4

Connector LM4, Fortified polyester, width 0.5 mm, Breathable, useful in case of degassing, T° = 130°C continuous - Peak at 150°C - FDA approved

connector teflex

Connector TEFLEX

Connector TEFLEX, PTFE, width 0.5 mm, Highly resistant, for all tupes of products and acid and caustic soda solutions, T° = 260°C en continuous - FDA approved

connector 250AS

Connector 250AS

Connector 250AS, Fortified Urethane, width 0.64 mm, Highly resistant to splits, for chemical products, anti-static, T° = -40°C à 82°C - Permeability = 0 drop

connector kevlar

Connector KEVLAR

Connector KEVLAR, Kevlar between 2 layers of Seeflex 040, Can be used under high pressure or explosive environment, T° = 260°C continuous - Peaks at 300°C - Waterproof

connector camlon

Connector CAMLON

Connector CAMLON, Polyester, outside : E-PVC, inside : Seeflex 040, Can be used at a pressure of 1 bar, T° = 70°C - Waterproof

Additional equipment

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