Our clients sectors are:

  • Preparation of whitewash
  • Dissolution of urea,
  • Treatment of activated carbon
  • Aluminum sulfate treatment,
  • Sludge processing / transfer / storage / cooling...
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Palamatic Process’s expertise in waste water treatment : skid preparation

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Thanks to its experience in the processing of pulverulents and in order to provide manufacturers "turnkey" solutions, Palamatic Process designs mixing tanks in areas such as water treatment, solvent dissolution or materials treatment processes (zinc dust treatment).

Our expertise is initially based on tested and reliable standard features to which is added a wide range of peripheral equipment to meet the specifications of each project.

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  • Tank capacity: 40 to 50,000 Litres
  • Tank type : flat bottom, dished bottom, conical bottom
  • Construction materials: HDPE, antistatic HDPE, SS304L, SS316L
  • Process option: vessel mounted on load cells, insulation to maintain the temperature


  • Stirring mode : homogenization, dissolution, suspension, dilution, flocculation ...
  • Agitation installation: vertically and centered, vertically and offset, inclined, or on tank bottom
  • Type of movement: standard blade, bottom turbine, magnetic stirrer, mixing turbine
  •  Manufacturing : SS 304L, SS 316L, Hastelloy, Uranus B6…
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Liquid feeding table

  •     Standard parts: feeding and draining valve, control solenoid valve, overflow valve, level sensor, level indicator.
  •     Options: flow controller, filter, regulator

Powders introduction system

waste water treatment preparation tank

Our many years of experience in various fields of activity allow us to offer you the benefits of inter-sector synergy.

We offer two approaches:


Palamatic Process establishes a detailed schedule on MS Project for each project.
The schedules are updated on a regular basis in order to meet contractual delivery dates. MORE [+]

Turnkey systems

Palamatic Process operates worldwide and offers "turnkey" solutions to manufacturers who want to keep the control of investment and operation of their production facility. MORE [+]

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