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Handling and processing of dry bulk materials

PALAMATIC PROCESS has specialized for 25 years in dry bulk material equipment handling and automatic bulk material processing.
We are a premier provider of custom-engineered systems for emptying, conveying, lump breaking, sifting, dosing, mixing, storing, conditioning and controlling of these materials.
• Our products meet your requirements such as Atex certifications, powder characteristics, available space, etc
• Turnkey systems: we have expert powder engineers to support you in each step of your project. We strive to be deeply committed to your needs and anticipate your requests.
• One solution for one industry: our many years of experience allows us to supply the best process solutions for your industry (food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plastics, feed, fertilizers, and more).
• Commissioning and assembly worldwide: our team is at your disposal to come to your plant to keep your line running efficiently.
• We offer premium quality support service to all our customers. 
With more than 2,000 solutions crafted implemented throughout the world, we have served many industrial manufacturers, including Cargill, Michelin, BASF, L’Oréal, Barry Callebaut, Bolloré, Goodyear, Solvay, and other industry leaders.

Every material has different handling characterisics. We offer bulk handling and process custom-made equipment such as bulk bag fillers, bulk bad dischargers, mechanical conveying, pneumatic conveying, drum dumper, box dumpers, sack dumpers, weight batching systems, screw conveyors, crushers, grinders, blenders, screeners, sifters, filters, process automation...
Palamatic Process deals with process-engineering solutions for plants handling powders and bulk materials. We offer custom-designed systems and turnkey plants but also custom-made processing equipment. Our full scale bulk solids test station puts at your disposal various equipment such as volumetric feeder, storage vessel, blender, mixer, screener, batch systems, weighing systems, batch weighing, packaging machine, gravity flow device, size reduction, auger conveyor, sanitary bulk bag discharger, delumper, bulk bag dumping unit, spiral conveyor nad more that can handle bulk material, powder, granulates, flakes, pellets, capsules, tablets...

Examples of materials handled: starch, maltodextrin, dextrose, sugar, salt, spices, flour, alumina, carbonate, sulphate, titanium, dioxide, soya, starch corn, starch, wheat starch, TiO2, calcium carbonate, CaCo3, animal feed, iron, oxide and hydroxide, milk powder, re-fatted milk powder, activated carbon, carbon black, colouring/pigmenting, dextrose, glucose, caseinate sugar, vanilla powder...

Bulk bag handling solutions 
Discharging bulk bags can be difficult and dangerous if the proper equipment is not utilized. Our standard design of bulk bag discharge station includes dust containment and operator safety. The access door allows the operator to tie and untie the bulk bag outlet spout in the untying box with minimal dust and product exposure. Multiple options are available such as massage paddles, bulk bag punching, vibration, weighing cells, untying box, knife system to break the bottom of the super sack.
The bulk bag unloading station EasyFlow® optimizes dust-free material flow from the super sack to the downstream processes. The big bag discharge station can be fitted with a valve specifically designed to control emptying of dry powder material. This valve provides a dust-tight closure and optimum flow control. Our bulk bag dischargers provide dust-free material discharge from bulk bag.
We offer bulk bag discharging system for fully unloading bulk solids from FIBCs, super sacks, jumbo sacks, flexible totes and other types of bulk bags. The bulk bag discharging system is engineered for each application and can be designed to handle any type of bulk bag with any type of discharge spout. The bulk bag discharging system is ideal for unlaaoding super sacks into batching dispensers.
Our bulk bag filling station provides safe and dust-free filling of bulk bags. The bagging machine can handle powders or difficult materials. Many options are available to meet operational needs such as pneumatically operated bag clamps to hold straps during filling, quick release, motorized roller conveyor, pallet dispenser, pneumatic jacks to auto-adjust the bulk bag height, inflatable spout seal, vibrations platform to densify material and maximize bulk bag capacity, motorized filling head, slide gate to stop material (powder, granular materials...) flow or regulate feed rate when used with a weighing system for batch operations. Our bulk bag filling lines provide high filling rates.The filling phase occurs with the big bag suspended to ensure the complete filling of the bottom of the bulk bag. The raising and lowering of the big bag is automatic. We also provide custom-designed systems in the area of filling dry bulk materials into bags, sacks, drums and boxes of all types.

Bag handling solutions
Palamatic Process bag dump stations can be fitted with integral dust control, specifically designed to maintain a clean, dust-controlled process environment while the operator is dumping material. The bag dump station can handle powder, granular, and pelletized materials. Its access door with pneumatic cylinders provides easy access and hands-free loading of powdery materials.
The bag filling systems complies with food and dairy hygiene standards. The dust-free design of the bagging machine for packaging lines increases accuracy and ease of use. Open mouth bagging lines deliver fully automated and sealing for all bag types and all products. Scales allow gross or net weight to ensure accurate bag weights.

Mixing and blending
Our paddle mixer blends and disperses solids quickly with complete homogeneity. Regardless of particle size, shape or density, materials are mixed with a fast, efficient and gentle action. Our mixers are available is stainless steel for sanitary applications. Each mixer is designed around the characteristics of the materials to be processed. Mixers and blenders combines fast and gentle mixing to ensure consistent and accurate mix. Most of our mixers are available with both slide gate and drop bottom design. We deal with solids mixing in many applications such as: polylers, pigments, chemicals, food ingredients, minerals, pharmaceuticals, resins...

Pneumatic conveying
Pneumatic conveying is a process where dry materials are transferred through piping from one point to another.
Dry and granular materials can be conveyed without product degradation.

Dust control systems
Our engineers develop dust control solutions that provide a clean atmosphere. Effective dust control is essential in the process stream operations. Palamatic Process analyzes materials, process flow and specific needs. 
Controlling dust increases material handling efficiency. Product in the air is lost product that cannot be reintroduced into the bulk material process. Some materials such as sugar, starch or coal have properties that make them dangerous as they can cause an explosion. Airborne dust increases the risks to employees for injuries. The control of dust in the bulk handling processes is very important. Central dust collection systems are the solution for capturing and removing particulates from plant processes but they remove the material from your process (lost of material). Integral dust collectors are assembled on existing equipment in the process such as a hopper. When dealing with a bag dump station, when the bags are opened, this integral dust collector captures immediately the airborne particulates on a cartridge filter. These integral dust collectors can also be fitted on bulk bag unloading systems for example. The benefit of these integral dust collectors is that the material is reused in the process.

Lump breaker
Lumpcrusher breaks down agglomerated dry powders so they can be reintroduced in the production process. It reduces material lumps. Size-reduction equpement are available for many types of industries.

Bulk storage tanks and silos