Customized manual bag dump stations

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Specific manual discharging/ Bag dump station tailored to your process

Main specifications

The design office PALAMATIC PROCESS is able to offer very specific solutions for your sacks unloading, bag dumping station applications according to your constraints and your flow rates. We define with you the customized solution after visiting your site and according to your bulk material handling detailed specifications.


Main advantages

  • Reduced size device
  • Toxic products applications, nuclear industry
  • High containment
  • Mild steel, stainless steel manufacturing
  • Solutions for your type of bags
  • ATEX...

For more information on our special designs, please contact us (+33) 2 22 93 63 08



manual sacks unloading unit palamatic manual sacks unloading unit manual sacks dumping unit and compactor manual sacks discharging unit manual sacks dumping unit palamatic manual sacks dumping unit manual sacks dumping unit with cip manual sacks unloading unit with cip manual sacks discharging unit grid manual-bag-opener.jpg bag-unloader
extrusion process feeding dosing palamatic

Feeding and dosing of an extrusion line

In the petrochemical sector, implementation of a complete skid to feed an extruder.

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loading resins into atex20 pressurised reactors

Loading resins into Atex 20 pressurised reactors

Complete installation in the petrochemical industry: fibc and sacks discharging unit with suction pneumatic conveying.

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unloading transfer and feeding into a reactor

Discharge, transfer and dosing to a reactor

In the petrochemical industry, installtion of manual sack discharging system, pneumatic conveying and metering for reactor feeding with Azobul

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storage and dilution skid

Storage and dilution skid

Petfood industry implementation: manual discharging of fluorinated derivatives and pneumatic conveying

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