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Lump breaker - 3 models

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Lump breaker Palamatic Process

Standard lump breaker

Crushing, lump crushing, granulating

Available in mild steel, stainless steel 304L and 316L
Throughput from 1 to 50 m³/h.


Lump breaker range 

lump breaker range palamatic process


The lump crusher is ideal for making a crushing operation of material having a tendency to form clumps. The rapid rotation of the blades causes the fragmentation of clods.

Our lump breakers are the perfect solution for grinding materials that tend to form lumps. The lump crusher allows to break the lumps that form during the production or transportation process of friable materials in powder or grain. The fast rotation of specially shaped blades through a fixed mesh gives an efficient lump breaking action. The presence of two rotors allows high throughputs if required.



  • Precision
  • Rate

Before / After

IQF unpacking and crushing line


Operating sequence



lump breaker palamatic process layout


Their objective is to ensure supply of fluid product.

Lumps must go through a deflector. The lump breaker includes two pin shafts. This model is recommended in the case of friable lumps, without moisture absorption.

The grinder consists of a square section body with  an upper and lower flange, 2 parallel horizontal shafts, a mesh for big sizes, 4 shaft bearings with adjustable shaft seal and an appropriate drive unit with transmission.


Customized lump breaker :

Lump breakers are designed by our engineering office in collaboration with our clients to meet their needs and expectations.

The design office PALAMATIC PROCESS is able to offer very specific solutions for your lump crusher applications according to your constraints and your flow rates. We define with you the customized solution after visiting your site and according to your detailed specifications.

Lump crusher integrated features :


ATEX certification Palamatic Process
  • A blades or knives
  • ATEX standards 20/21/22
  • Passage of the product dimension
  • Engine speed fixed or variable
  • Controller of rotation
  • Steel or stainless steel construction
  • A chain drive or gear
  • Contact safety
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Equipment advantages

- ATEX standards 20/21/22

- 3 standard sizes

- Built with 2 rotors with blades for lump breaking and a mesh in order to reduce the passage space

- Fixed or variable speed motorization, chain or gear drive

- Manufacturing: mild steel, stainless steel 304L and 316L


View our equipment in videos

Lump breaker Palamatic Process

It is used to break up materials that tend to form lumps and to ensure a fluid supply of the bulk material.

Lump breaker Palamatic Process

The rotation of special knives through a fixed grid causes the breaking of lumps.

Lump breaker with knives

The presence of two rotors allows high flow rates to be achieved.

3-D Lump breaker

3D view of the Palamatic Process industrial lump breaker.

Industrial lump breaker

View our equipment in photos

Lump breakers Palamatic Process range

Range of lump breakers

3 Palamatic Process lump breakers for crushing, lumping and granulating. 

Lump breaker EC70 Palamatic Process

Lump breaker EC70 Palamatic Process

The lump breaker EC70 shreds and deagglomerates bulk materials that tend to build up in mass.


industrial frozen zucchini

Examples of tests

Test for crumbling frozen zucchinis.

industrial grinding mill

Lump breakers

The lump breaker crumbles the bulk materials and are suitable for compact materials with large lumps.

lump breaker bulk material handling palamatic process

Lump breaker Palamatic Process

Lump breakers crush and crumble bulk materials and ensure a smooth flow of your product in your production line.

customized lump breaker palamatic process

Lump breaker

The lump breaker breaks up the clods that are created during the production process.

Lump breaker for your bulk materials

Crushing unit

Two horizontal rotating shafts are equipped with chopping knives.

lump breaker palamatic process

Lump breakers EC70

Technical information of the EC70 lump breaker :

- Rotor speed: 180

- Flow rate in t./h : 50 to 80

- Material cross-section in mm: 700*700

- Motor power in kW: 5.5

- Mounting flange in mm: 800*800

- Weight in kg: 345

industrial grinding mill powder handling

Industrial Lump breakers

The Palamatic Process lump breaker is present in our test station. You can thus carry out your tests with your powders and according to the chosen configuration.

Industrial crushing system

Industrial lump crusher

The DLP Lump Breaker is the ideal device for breaking up material lumps.

lump breaker palamatic process

Lump breaking process

Examples of processed powders: clay, glucose, salt, sugar, milk powder, animal flour, soya, starch...

lump breaker bulk handling

Lump breaker bulk materials handling

Lump breaker for loading resin into ATEX 20 under pressure reactors.

micronization powder handling


The lump breaker can work in continuous feeding or under load under hopper.

frozen materials lump breaker

Frozen materials lump breaker

Test example: crumbling of frozen carrots.

Crushing operation

De-lumping unit

Breaking up friable lumps in bulk materials.

knife lump breaker

Knife lump breaker

The lump breaker shreds and deagglomerates bulk materials that tend to build up in mass.

knife lump breaker palamatic process

Knife lump breaker Palamatic Process

Shaft passage sealing.

lump breaker under bag dump station

Lump breaker below bag dump station

The conveying of the powders is carried out by VFlow®. The powders processed are sebacic acid, adipic acid, sodium molybdate and benzotriazole.

paint coating lump breaking

Paint coatting lump breaking

The lump breaker ensures a supply of de-agglomerated material. It includes 2 pin shafts.


Technical specification


rotor speed tr/min

Theorical flow in m³/h Product section passage in mm Engine power in kW Mounting flange in mm



EC35 200 25 to 35 375*375 3 445*445 220
EC50 180 40 to 50 525*525 5.5 600*600 280
EC70 180 50 to 80 700 *700 8 800*800 345



Main advantages

Lump breaker - Bulk material and powder handling
Lump breaker - Bulk material and powder handling
Chain drived lump breaker
Shaft passage sealing
Case studies
  • Wheat bran and lime premix line

    Processed powders: wheat bran and lime with a bulk density of 0.4 to 1 kg/m³ - Wheat bran and lime premix line - Estonian engineering company specialized in the design of industrial operations for the...
  • Cement storage

    Processed powder: cement - Cement storage - Cement manufacturer in Reunion Island.
  • Tanning product

    Processed powders: chemical additives - Tanning product - The great diversity of the products and their varied packaging meant that this plant had long been looking for a system that would reduce the...
  • Resin formulation

    Processed powder: resin - Resin formulation - This company in the petrochemical sector provides adhesive solutions.
  • Manufacture of industrial glue

    Processed powders: varnish and gelcoat - Manufacture of industrial glue - This process consists of a combined Duopal® DP02 station for emptying sacks and big bags, a pneumatic conveying system and a...
  • Adblue - Urea- DeNOx

    Processed powders: solid urea, demined water and liquid urea - Adblue, Urea, Denox - Supplier of DeNOX solutions for thermal power plants to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions.
  • Resin and gel coat manufacturing

    Processed powders: maleic anhydride, Epo Kukdo - Resin and gel coat manufacturing - The customer is one of the world leaders in the production of structural resins for the building, automotive, water...
  • Truck and wagon loading

    Processed powder: adipic acid - Truck and wagon loading - The installation is especially designed to meet all the customer's constraints, in particular operation of the installation at a flow rate of...
  • Cementation of nuclear waste

    Processed powders: Cement + filler, lime and calcium nitrate - Cementation of nuclear waste - This process is intended for the cementation of fines and resins
  • Handling of veterinary bulk solids

    Processed bulk solids: veterinary powders - Loading of veterinary powders - Company specialized in animal nutrition and health: workshop for the preparation and mixing of bulk material
  • Loading of ingredients for the production of beverage

    Processed materials: citric acid, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate... - Loading of ingredients for the production of beverage - This installation concerns a new production line in a new building of...
  • Loading silos with sugar

    Processed materials: crystal sugar - Loading silos with sugar - A container tipper is used to feed the high pressure pneumatic conveying network to feed 2 silos of 50 tons.
  • Refined sugar conveying

    Processed material: refined sugar - Refined sugar conveying - On-site installation of repackaging equipment for the transfer of sugar stored in shipping containers with an inner liner to a bulk bag...
  • Shampoo production line

    Processed material: wax, parafin - Shampoo manufacturing - Automated loading of tanks (melters) for the preparation of shampoo.
  • Dissolution of urea

    Processed materials: liquid urea - Dissolution of urea - The 500m² facility consists of the production unit, polypropylene and HDPE storage tanks and storage of solid urea big bags.
  • Manufacturing line for petfood industry

    Processed Powders: Soy Flour, Brewer Yeast, Corn Starch, Dried Whey... - Manufacturing line for petfood industry - Manufacturering of dry and liquid flavor enhancers for the pet food industry
  • Unloading and conveying of cement

    Processed powder: cement - Unloading and conveying of cement - Unloading of cement from 1 ton big bags with pneumatic transfer of material to silo storage
  • Production of polyethylene flakes

    Processed powder: polyethylene - Production of low-density polyethylene - Company in the petrochemical industry: Installation of 2 big bag packaging lines.
  • Manufacturing process for sealants

    Processed powder : Sodium hypophosphite - Manufacture and installation of a new turnkey process line for the production of coatings and sealants in an ATEX hazardous location.
  • Process for the production of chocolate

    Process materials: granulated Sugar, whey, skim milk powder, and various other minor additives - Process for the production of chocolate - Objectives: unloading, transfer, storage and dosing of...
  • Processing of artificial sweeteners

    Processed product: erythritol - Bag emptying and crushing line - Production line for sauces, soups, drinks.
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production line palamatic process

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