Big bag discharging in atex 22 zone

big bag unloading device atex 22


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Company and factory end product

This plant, a PALAMATIC customer, belongs to a Japanese group and manufactures many products and adjuvants for the food and chemical industries.


Product treated

Activated carbon




Activated carbon is used for some of their procedures. Since this raw material is stored in big bags, it is very difficult to handle, especially in an ATEX environment.
The customer wanted to obtain an excellent level of confinement, a controlled output throughput rate and perfect “repeatability”.


Palamatic equipment

The system consists of a PALAMATIC big bag unloading stand, fitted with the following options :

  • Hoist: given an installation where high positioning is considered, the big bag unloading station is fitted with a hoist with reduced head loss (125mm) enabling to operate on the whole height available.
  • Delivery table: the table has a frustum shape especially designed to enable the bottom of the big bag to fit perfectly the shape for good confinement
  • Massage: since activated carbon is often cohesive, and its fluidity is medium if the product is stored for long periods, four massage jacks enable the product to flow seamlessly.
  • Stop valve: this valve acts directly on the sleeve, allowing to the product flow on demand at any moment.
  • Unlacing cabinet in confinement: this sleeve unlacing system enables to block the sleeve and the internal pocket by means of a telescopic tube operated by four jacks. Confinement is total at the junction to the hopper.
  • Regulation valve: This rotary valve allows to exhaust regularly and feed continually the reactor connected to the big bag unloading station. This rotary valve is fitted with guide rails allowing to free the rotor and to easily reach all parts of the equipment for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Process regulation: an ATEX weighing terminal allows to control the reactor supply in real time ; it is connected to supervision in order to enable managers to oversee production while checking the development of the big bag unloading.
  • Ventilation: a dedusting intake with adjustment panel is installed at the back of the station with a very low air throughput rate -because of the high confinement reached- in order to keep a very light pressure in the enclosure.
  • All parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel 304L, of which some critical parts are polished at Ra 0.4µ.
  • ATEX: since the zone was rated as 22 by the control agency, this system has been delivered in compliance with the European directive.

Results obtained

Containment and regulation: those were the customer’s specifications. PALAMATIC, based on its extensive experience, has been able to design and develop a system to meet the two major restrictions on an extremely difficult product.