Fibc filling under truck loading spout

fibc filling under truck loading spout


big bag filling under truck loading spout fibc loading under truck loading spout

Company and factory end product

This customer is an international manufacturer of concrete load with over 100 distribution centres around the world.
Such concrete loads include several white minerals, talcs and carbonates that are available for delivery to end customers from silos.


Product treated

White minerals, talcs and carbonates.



In order to improve their offer and to expand their range of products, the manufacturer wishes to install a system to deliver products to customers in trucks and big bags from any silo in their park without making an important investment.
The great diversity of big bag dimensions required a highly-flexible adjustment of the filling system height.


Palamatic equipment

Fibc filling under truck loading spout.


Description of the installation

Palamatic proposes a mobile big bag filling system that can be connected to a truck tanker, under the loading sleeve.
The station is fully mounted on wheels, which enables to move it on rails similar to a railroad, across the silos plant.
Adjusting the station height to fit different containers sizes is very simple: it only requires lowering the translation jack to the bottom position, and inserting the forks at the appropriate height by means of two ergonomic indexing rods… Done ! This mobile filling system is fitted with all accessories needed for perfect docking and total containment in the filling stage.
The operator, after positioning the pallet on the receiving platform, aims the big bag hanging at the tubular forks provided to that effect. Then he pushes a button to start the expansion of the inflatable seal, ensuring confinement by piling and a time-controlled inflation fan allowing to perfectly shape the big bag.
This station is also fitted with a big bag tightening system that optimizes product carriage on the pallet. A vibrating table allows to optimize space when packing the product.
The unit is weighed with drop queue management, enabling to reach the set weight more easily -3 to 6,000 levels, according to user specifications.


Results obtained

Thanks to a clear understanding of the customer’s needs and requirements, Palamatic studied and designed a flexible, accurate and contained station.