Our clients sectors are:

  • Petrochemicals
  • Plastics
  • Paint
  • Pigments and dyes
  • Pesticides and fertilizers
  • Paper production
  • Textile manufacturing
High output contained automatic fibc unloading
Palamatic process pneumatic conveying line
Feeding of reactors under pressure
Chemicals industry dyes industrial production line
Petrochemical plant

Hazardous products which safety regulations are the more stringent

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The handling of "difficult" chemical products meets strict safety regulations. Indeed, hazards and risks are numerous: accident, environmental pollution, chemical burns, intoxication, fire and explosion. The wide variety of products used in this sector therefore requires adequate treatment according to the nature of the product (solid, liquid, flammable, oxidizing, toxic ...).


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Our team of engineers and technicians are fully trained in the integration of various technologies for these substances. Palamatic Process offers turnkey assemblies for loading raw materials into a process that involves the transformation of petroleum derivatives (plastics, synthetic fibers, polyester, nylon, rubber, etc ...). Our equipment covers the different steps for the logistics of these raw materials : from storage to pneumatic transfer through metering and automation.   logo atex bleu

ATEX Compliance with standards by Palamatic Process

PALAMATIC production equipment is developed in compliance with ATEX standards to ensure safe operation on classified sites. ATEX 0/20 1/21 2/22 classifications and the writing of files which includes comprehensive risk analysis integrated by the Palamatic Process design office into the project. The accreditation of all on-site staff ensures you a quality service for a reliable production start. Palamatic Process staff has been trained “ISM Atex” which is a voluntary certification for companies involved in the design, construction and/or maintenance of electrical installations in explosive atmospheres. Palamatic Process also provides solutions on sites classified "Seveso", European directive 96/82/EC on the prevention of major industrial risks on "at risk" sites. Our many years of experience in various fields of activity allow us to offer you the benefits of inter-sector synergy.

We offer two approaches:


Palamatic Process establishes a detailed schedule on MS Project for each project.
The schedules are updated on a regular basis in order to meet contractual delivery dates. MORE [+]

Turnkey systems

Palamatic Process operates worldwide and offers "turnkey" solutions to manufacturers who want to keep the control of investment and operation of their production facility. MORE [+]

Solutions adapted to your project

Production feeding

Production feeding

Palamatic creates installations for filling and emptying big bags, as well as a complete range of manual or automatic sack opening systems. Our solutions are specifically adapted to your environment and to the characteristics of your products: bulk, granular, powder… Options for handling, containment, dust collection and compacting can be integrated into our big bag and sack solutions.



We design and supply equipment such as suction or pressure, dilute or dense phase pneumatic conveying systems. Mechanical solutions can also be offered such as screw conveyors, bucket elevators…



Our vibratory and centrifugal screeners are the ideal solutions for the elimination of agglomerates and foreign bodies.
We supply different types of mills, granulators and lump breakers to incorporate into your factory production lines for the micronisation of your powders.



We supply storage equipment solutions for powders, such as steel, stainless steel or polyethylene containers, rigid or flexible silos. Our loading spouts allow efficient loading in trucks and open lorries.



To provide a controlled supply of your process, we integrate in your production line dosing equipment such as rotary valves, valves, weight or volume based feeders, flow regulators...



We are able provide you with the best technical solutions for continuously or batch powder mixing: ploughshare mixers, blade or screw mixers, laboratory mixing, double-shaft or vertical devices, mixing tank...



We assure your packaging with our big bags filling systems and bagging mahcines. We offer customised solutions to meet the specificities of your products or your environment.



In our complete lines, we combine our automated production units with the programming of raw materials introduction, the traceability of your lots, the identification of operators and the dosing reliability. Production monitoring is as important as the result.



We carry out each step of your project from assembly and installation to final commissioning. The installation of your system comprises handling, mechanical assembly, piping support and electrical wiring. We make final adjustments, check the electrical connections and proceed to production testing.



We guarantee full training for your operators to ensure optimum utilisation of your production line. Your teams are trained throughout the installation and startup phases.


Some references

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  • Quinnplastics
  • Bostik
  • Dupont de Nemours