Automatic sack opening systems - Ergotip®

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Multi-sack deconditioning 

Maximum rate: 2 to 4 sacks/min.
Mild steel or stainless steel manufacturing

Main specifications of the equipment

The sack opening system ERGOTIP® is used in all powder handling industrial sectors. The cutting system with an articulated blade provides a clear cut of all types of sacks.
The bi-manual control system ensures safety and efficiency as well as the rate of opening.

Operating mode - cutting system


The cutting from the bottom of the bag prevents the operator from turning the bag. In addition to better ergonomics, the discharge rate is improved.


Main advantages

  • Suitable for many types of bags in powder handling processes: paper, polywoven, lined...
  • Minimize the handling by the operator
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced emissions of dust
  • Integrated sack compactor
  • Easy clean

Ergotip® operating mode

Phase-1-Ergotip-palamatic-process.png Phase-2-Ergotip-palamatic-process.JPG
1. The operator puts down the sack in the machine and closes the door 2. The blade performs a cut on the bottom of the bag
Phase-3-Ergotip-palamatic-process.JPG Phase-4-Ergotip-palamatic-process.png
3. Flowing of the material into the hopper 4. Sacking of the sack without heavy lifting of the sack. The operator does not need to return the bag





Ergotip-sack-opening-palamatic-process.jpg Integrated-sack-compactor-ergotip-palamatic-process.JPG Integrated-dust-collector-ergotip-palamatic-process.jpg Holding-bar-and-cutting-blade-ergotip-palamatic-process.JPG Pneumatic-cutting-cylinder-ergotip-palamatic-process.jpg

Semi-automatic sack opening for lime manipulation (Building industry and Minerals)

International realization in the Building industry: implementation of manual sack discharging system and mechanical conveying system.

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automatic sack opening unit varislit palamatic

Automatic sacks opening installation

Automatic sacks opening installation in a leading company in the manufacturing of plaster

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big bag unloading automatic sack opening unit and pneumatic conveying 2

Sacks and big bags unloading with pneumatic conveying

In the petrochemical sector, this installation concerns the treatment of polypropylene: emptying sacks and big bags, pneumatic conveying and filling trucks (25 t./h.) in a refinery.

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tanning adjuvants process

Process for tanning adjuvants

Feeding of a chemical dispersion process from sacks and big bags or rigid containers with chemical adjuvants

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Additional equipment