Hopper venting filter

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Venting filter for balancing volumes in hoppers, feeders…

A clean process without dust emission is a major advantage for ATEX installations

Compact venting filter for mechanically filled hoppers. Dust which is separated from the air flow by a filter element drops back into the hopper after an integrated automatic reverse air jet cleaning system inside the weather protection cover has removed the dust particles from the filter elements.

Main advantages

  • Reintroduction of fines in the process ; no loss of material
  • Minimum maintenance
  • High Efficiency
  • Minimum space requirement
  • Easy installation even in existing facilities


venting filter for automatic production line hopper venting filter hopper fed by a proportioning screw hopper fed directly by silo hopper fed directly by silo


  • 304L stainless steel flanged body
  • Low emission level due to B.I.A.-certified filter media
  • Maintenance-free air jet cleaning unit integrated inside weather protection cover
  • Quick maintenance due to easy access for filtering element removal
  • High cleaning efficiency due to "Full-Immersion" solenoid valves incorporated in corrosion-resistant aluminium air tank
  • No tools required for filtering element removal
  • FILTERING SURFACE: from 0.5 to 2m²
  • FILTRATION ELEMENT: BIA certified non-woven polyester (class U, S, G, and C)
  • CLEANING: counter-current compressed air - 6 bar
  • ELECTRONIC CARD: included with the possibility of adjusting the pause and pulsation times
  • MAINTENANCE: to be performed on the clean side
  • MANUFACTURING MATERIALS: plastic cap (optional 304 or 316L stainless steel); 304 stainless steel frame (316L optional)
  • CONSTRUCTION: single-piece frame, welded to prevent material retention
  • WEIGHT: 21 kg
  • INSTALLATION: filter connection on the extraction fan


1 or 2 solenoid valves, depending on hopper volume :

2 if volume < 150 litres
1 if volume > 150 litres



Implantation filtre degazage Implantation filtre degazage industriel
Implantation filtre degazage poudre  


In mm :

schema dimension filtre de degazage 1

schema dimension filtre de degazage 2 schema dimension filtre de degazage 3



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