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Built-in dust collector

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    built in dust collector

    Containment and cleanliness of the process

    Industrial dust collectors are used for dust collection or vacuum applications for industrial production lines involving raw ingredients and bulk materials handling. The built-in industrial dust collector can be flanged directly to equipment.
    The built-in industrial dust collector is modular and integrates maximum operating and maintenance safety.

    The built-in dust collector is ideally suited for processing powders with high dust emission. It is generally implanted under silos (to prevent explosions due to dust concentration), reception hoppers of pneumatic conveying.

    The operator then has a clean working environment protected from all risks of contamination. Our Palamatic Process equipment is manufactured according to the standards in force in 2006/42/CE.


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    Possible configurations

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    Equipment advantages

    - High efficiency filtration

    - Available with or without fan

    - Easy maintenance, convenient maintenance height

    - Replacement of filter elements without tools

    - Long service life

    - Low maintenance costs

    - Hygienic operation

    - Working in complete safety

    View our equipment in photos

    dust collection hopper

    Dust collector on hopper

    Installation of a dust collector on a storage hopper for discharging dusty bulk materials.

    pneumatic conveying alumina

    Industrial dust collector on silo

    Installation of a dust collector on a storage silo.

    dust collection bag dump station bulk materials

    Dust-collection on sack dumping unit fed with a sack manipulator

    Double station for emptying crystal sugar bags and feeding sugar melter.

    industrial dust collecting

    Built-in dust collection unit

    Workshop for emptying bags for crusher feeding.

    dust collector palamatic process

    Industrial dust collector industrial applications

    Storage silo for a veterinary industry

    dust collector silo palamatic process

    Dust collection on silo

    Discharge, pneumatic conveying and dosing.

    silo dust collection

    Dust collector bulk handling

    Deconditioning of big bags of iron sulphates for silo repacking.

    industrial dust collection bulk handling materials

    Industrial dust collection

    Industrial dust collection consists in eliminating dust emissions by collecting them on the equipment. 

    industrial dust collector powders

    Bulk materials handling dust collection

    The dust collector keeps the working atmosphere clean for the operator's safety. 

    dust collector line

    Built-in industrial collector on production line involving raw ingredients

    Industrial air dust removal is carried out according to the principles of vacuum and filtration. This is used to control pollution and to have a clean working atmosphere.

    dust collector silo

    Silo dust collection powder process

    The silos are filled with cement for a building industry. The operator's environment is healthy thanks to the installation of a dust extraction system

    hopper filter

    Bulk handling storage filtering

    In the case of explosive dust, dust collection equipment meeting the ATEX directive will be provided.

    hopper filter palamatic process

    Industrial filtration Palamatic Process

    Palamatic Process designs and manufactures a wide range of filters, pumps and powder handling solutions for industry.

    bulk dust collection

    Bulk powder dust collection

    Atex dust collector with vacuum and dust filtration (powders, raw ingredients and bulk products).

    bag dump station conveying screw

    Manual bag dump station with dust collector

    Industrial dust collection system for emptying titanium dioxide bags.

    dust collection filter

    Dust filtering bulk handling equipment

    Cartridge filter for powder coating.

    silo dust collector

    Dust collector on alumina gel storage silo

    The silos are equipped with their own filter.

    dust collection bag discharging station

    Dust collector on bag dump station

    Industrial dust collection on manual bag dump station fitted with a bag compactor.

    Dépoussiéreur industrielindustrial dust collection bulk

    Industrial dust filtration

    The built-in dust collector is designed for the filtration and relative separation of medium, fine and impalpable dust.

    industrial dust collection powder handling

    Dust collector built in a big bag discharge station

    Discharge and pneumatic conveying of feed additives to storage silos.

    food production line dust collection

    Food process dust filtration

    Automatic big bag filling line for sugar packing

    reception cyclofilter palamatic process

    Pneumatic vacuum transfer with detached filtration

    The powder process is designed to load two melters from two big bag discharge stations.

    Technical specification

    Filtering surface from 1 to 48 m²
    Flow rate from 60 to 4,500 m³/h.

    Industrial dust collectors have a stainless steel cylindrical body with flange connection that contains the filter ing elements. The automatic compressed air cleaning system is fully integrated in the upper module. The compact body is made of 304 stainless steel with integrated lower connection flange.

    • High filtration efficiency thanks to wide range of B.I.A.-certified filter media
    • Programmable electronic control panel installed including end-of-cycle cleaning system
    • Filtering elements: circular sleeves, elliptical sleeves, cartridges, polypleat
    • Reverse air jet cleaning system integrated inside access door for easy maintenance
    • High cleaning efficiency due to solenoid valves incorporated in aluminium air tank
    • "Full Immersion" solenoid valves incorporated in aluminium air tank
    • Cover with safety device and key lock
    • Sugar dissolution for beverages

      Processed powder: crystal sugar - Sugar dissolution for beverages - Company dedicated to the design of artisanal lemonade and artisanal syrup.
    • Wheat bran and lime premix line

      Processed powders: wheat bran and lime with a bulk density of 0.4 to 1 kg/m³ - Wheat bran and lime premix line - Estonian engineering company specialized in the design of industrial operations for the...
    • Animal feed

      Processed powders: food additives - Animal feed - Specialist in additives for animal feed.
    • Preparation of milky drink

      Processed powders: milk powder and sugar - Preparation of milk drinks - Agribusiness group in the Island of Reunion, this company is a leader in most markets in which it operates: fresh dairy products...
    • Icing sugar line

      Processed powder: starch and granulated sugar - Icing sugar line - French sugar cooperative company - Supply and commissioning of a set of machines for the production of icing sugar and starch to feed...
    • Ferric sulphates process

      Powder processed: ferric sulphate - Ferric sulphate unit - This company in the construction industry offers different types of products such as cement, lime, binders....
    • Plaster preparation

      Processed powders: plaster, cement and starch - Plaster preparation - Leading company in the manufacture of plaster and plasterboards. The objective of this installation is to empty 25kg bags at high...
    • Process of plasterboard production

      Processed powder: plaster - Process of plasterboard production - French company producing and selling plaster, products derived from plaster and products based on expanded polystyrene.
    • Loading tank

      Processed powder: very dusty and toxic bulk material - Loading tank - The objective of the installation is to contain the powder to avoid any dispersion during the different stages of conveying.
    • Blowing agent for PVC flooring

      Powder processed: azobul - Blowing agent for PVC flooring - Continuous dosing supply of a PVC powder mixing reactor. The industrial metering system is fed by a vacuum pneumatic conveying system...
    • Product refining

      Processed powders: ciclopirox, praziqantel - Product refining - French chemical group specialized in pharmaceutical fine chemistry, performance fine chemistry, advanced specialties - new technologies...
    • Sludge liming

      Processed powder: Lime - Sludge liming - Manufacturer of dairy products - The project consists of adding lime at the outlet of the filter press for the treatment of water from the manufacturing...
    • Resin and gel coat manufacturing

      Processed powders: maleic anhydride, Epo Kukdo - Resin and gel coat manufacturing - The customer is one of the world leaders in the production of structural resins for the building, automotive, water...
    • Truck loading with amino acids

      Processed powder: amino acids - Truck loading with amino acids - This facility concerns a major player in the production and marketing of amino acids for animal feed.
    • Sugar packing

      Processed powder: white sugar - Sugar packing - The FlowMatic© 04 bulk bag filling station allows dust-tight packaging of all types of powders, limits dust emissions and automates the removal of the...
    • Packing of white sugar and crystal sugar in big bag

      Processed powders: white refined sugar, surfine caster sugar, crystal sugar - Packing in big bag of white sugar and crystal sugar - This big bag installation is designed to achieve a minimum flow rate...
    • Disperser feeding

      Processed bulk materials: pyrogenic silica, calcium carbonates, expanded graphite, aerosil, imersil - Disperser feeding - The facility consists of a bag dump station fitted with a dedusting device and...
    • Manufacturing of engine additives

      Treated powder: diatomaceous earth - Manufacture of engine additives - Safe incorporation of powders with nitrogen inerting sluice in a sensitive environment, ATEX gas zone, zero retention.
    • Sugar grinding unit

      Processed powders: icing sugar from white granulated sugar and starch - Sugar milling unit - The installation consists of feeding the mill with granulated sugar and then packaging the resulting icing...
    • Filling of truck with cement

      Processed product: cement - Filling of truck with cement - Two EasyFlow® EF100 big bag unloading stations for high-speed semi-automatic unpacking.
    • Déconditionnement et alimentation de cuves de préparation

      Processed powders : Frying batter (flours, starches, spices, colourings...) - The installation concerns a pre-mixing line of ingredients for the food industry.
    • Unloading and conveying of cement

      Processed powder: cement - Unloading and conveying of cement - Unloading of cement from 1 ton big bags with pneumatic transfer of material to silo storage
    • Unloading and filling of manganese dioxide big bags

      Processed powder: lithium nickel potassium oxide - Unloading, filling of big bags and transfer of material - The objective of this installation is to protect the operators with equipment designed to...
    • Bucket filling line

      Material: Graphite - Bucket filling line - Turnkey solution for big bag emptying, total containment and rapid filling of buckets with graphite powder.


    Centralized dust collector

    Industrial dust collection applications, Mounting on a dust collecting...

    Contained sack manual discharging - Sacktip® SE - 4 models

    Ergonomic sack emptying, Lateral sack introduction

    sack manual discharging & screening - Sacktip® SH - 4 models

    Ergonomic sack emptying, Sifting of your raw materials

    Semi-automatic sack discharging - Ergotip®

    The cutting system by the bottom of the sack prevenets the operator...

    Automatic sack discharging - Minislit®

    Max. rate: 8 sacks/min

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