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Pneumatic conveying - Dilute phase pressure conveying - 7 models

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Bulk material pneumatic conveyor Palamatic

Dilute phase pressure pneumatic conveying

This pneumatic conveying is designed to carry bulk products, powders and granules at high flow rates over long distances.

Cys range

Dilute phase pneumatic conveying with booster for powders, bulk materials

This pneumatic conveyor for powder handling in dilute phase, generally thrust, allows to carry powders and bulk materials at high throughput rate along important distances (not fragile materials). This pneumatic conveyor in dilute phase lies in the use of rotary airlocks (rotary valves) allowing to introduce measured doses of material in the piping.
Regular application of pressure pneumatic conveyor in dilute phase : silo emptying and silo filling.


Integrated equipment : 



  • Rate
  • Fragile material
  • Abrasive material
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Equipment advantages

- When using dilute phase pressure pneumatic conveying, the material dilution rate in the air is very important, and therfore requires a high throughput rate of air to convey the material.

- The greatest advantage of dilute phase pressure pneumatic conveying is the ability to supply several reception points as from a supply point.


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Pneumatic conveying - Dilute phase pressure

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Gamme transfert pneumatique CYS

Gamme CYS

Gamme de transfert pneumatique poussé phase diluée. 

Pneumatic transfer cyclofilter palamatic process

Cyclofilter pneumatic transfer - Palamatic Process

The cyclofilter or pneumatic pressure transfer from Palamatic Process consists of conveying materials by creating a positive pressure inside a sealed pipe. 

food application pneumatic conveying

Pneumatic conveying cocoa

Pneumatic conveying for the handling of industrial bulk materials.

chemistry industry pneumatic conveying

chemistry application cyclofilter

Feeding of the pneumatic conveying station from a bag emptying station with a weighed hopper to prepare the doses in bags to be incorporated.

fine chemistry application cyclofilter

Fine chemistry application cyclofilter

This set is intended for transporting gelatin to a weighing hopper. The gelatin is extracted from the big bags. The conveying is carried out by a vacuum pump and a cyclo-filter equipped with a rotary valve to maintain the vacuum while feeding the hopper with powders.

reception cyclofilter pneumatic conveying

Reception cyclofilter pneumatic conveying

Pneumatic conveying system for feeding a weighing hopper.

pneumatic conveying powder treatment cyclofilter

Pneumatic conveying powder treatment cyclofilter

The process is designed to load two melters from two big bag discharging stations.
Possibility of simultaneous conveying to the two melters with pneumatic vacuum conveying with detached filtration.

cyclofilter pneumatic conveying palamatic process

Cyclofilter Palamatic Process

Pneumatic conveying by overpressure at a flow rate of 40 t./h.

pressure pneumatic conveying

Pressure pneumatic conveying

Pneumatic conveyor for supplying of several reception points. 

bulk material pneumatic conveyor

Bulk materials handling pneumatic conveying

The high pressure dilute phase conveying technology can be used to integrate 2 weighing solutions: weight loss and weight gain. 

High flow cyclofilter on Palamatic installation

High flow cyclofilter on Palamatic installation

High flow cyclofilter on Palamatic installation for the transfer of your bulk and powdered products.

bulk material pneumatic conveyor

Pneumatic conveying dilute phase pressure

Continuous feeding of a Palamatic Process industrial mill for the production of icing sugar

bulk material pneumatic conveyor

Pneumatic conveying dilute phase

Discharge of polypropylene bags for truck filling.

bulk powder pneumatic conveyor

Pneumatic conveying

- Long-distance pneumatic conveying
- High speed
- Ease of implementation
- Multi-point power supply

bulk powder pneumatic conveyor

Pneumatic conveyor

Pneumatic conveying by overpressure.

dilute phase pneumatic conveying

Dilute phase pneumatic conveying

It is used to convey bulk, raw ingredients, powder and granular materials at high throughput over long distances. 

bulk powder pneumatic conveyor

Pneumatic conveying dilute phase pressure

3 technologies:
- Cyclofilter
- Expansion vessel
- Silos

bulk powder pneumatic conveyor

Pneumatic conveying under hopper

Feeding of the mixing line from raw material silos. 

pneumatic conveyor

Pneumatic conveying of starch and granules

For collection under big bag discharge station.

cyclofilter pneumatic conveying palamatic process

Pneumatic conveying process line

Pneumatic conveying fed by an automatic bag unpacking line for truck filling.

blow through rotary valve

Pneumatic conveying line

Pneumatic conveying on sack manual discharging.

pneumatic conveying alumina

Pneumatic conveying of alumina

The pneumatic conveying system feeds the storage silo which is fitted with a dust collection system.

pneumatic conveyor

Pressure pneumatic conveying

The dilute phase pressure pneumatic conveying circuit is supplied by a blower.

fine chemistry palamatic process

Cyclofilter in fine chemistry application

The conveying cyclone is directly installed on the hopper and a flexible pipe system prevents interference with the load cells.

pneumatic conveying powder treatment


Multi-arrival pneumatic conveying from a combined big bag and sack emptying station Duopal®. The abrasiveness of the bulk material has been taken into account.

cyclofilter reactor feeding palamatic process

Cyclofilter for reactor fedding

Industrial production line for feeding a reactor including an industrial dust collection system on a storage and conveying line for powders to a reactor (processed powders: arenox, rosinox, irganox and pentaerythrite).

Dilute phase cyclofilter with pneumatic transport Palamatic

Dilute phase cyclofilter with pneumatic transport Palamatic

Dilute phase push cyclofilter with industrial booster sending air under pressure.


Technical specification

A booster sends air under pressure (with control) by a valve in the conveying piping at a high speed (24 to 30 m./s).
This air is mixed with the bulk material and conveyed up to the end of the line. In most cases, air-product separation is ensured by a filtration system followed by a reception hopper and a distribution rotary valve (in most cases). 

Models Rate in m³/h Filtering area in m³ Dimensions in mm Weight in kg
      ØD DN A B C  
CYS 01 1 3 800 32 1,980 1,840 840 300
CYS 02 2 3 800 40 1,980 1,840 840 300
CYS 04 4 6 1,200 65 2,350 2,300 1,300 445
CYS 08 8 6 1,200 80 2,390 2,340 1,300 515
CYS 15 15 15 1,800 125 3,030 950 2,040 905
CYS 30 30 25 1,800 150 3,600 2,950 2,040 1,320
CYS 60 60 60 2,000 250 5,190 3,400 2,140 2,275


Case studies
  • Animal feed

    Processed powders: food additives - Animal feed - Specialist in additives for animal feed.
  • Bulk truck loading

    Processed powder: polypropylene - Bulk truck loading - This powder handling line is designed to feed granules into trucks at a high rate of 25 t/h. The production requirement is to create neither...
  • Blower for feeding containers

    Processed materials: crushed egg shells - Blower for feeding containers - The purpose of the equipment is to collect crushed egg shells from a centrifuge / crusher placed downstream of automatic...
  • Discharge, Feed and Grinding Line

    Processed bulk material: Lysine - Grinding Line - Facility for one of the world's leading animal nutrition companies.
  • Flour unloading

    Processed powder: wheat flour - Tank unloading - Flour unloading from tanks to storage silos
  • Loading silos with sugar

    Processed materials: crystal sugar - Loading silos with sugar - A container tipper is used to feed the high pressure pneumatic conveying network to feed 2 silos of 50 tons.
  • Refined sugar conveying

    Processed material: refined sugar - Refined sugar conveying - On-site installation of repackaging equipment for the transfer of sugar stored in shipping containers with an inner liner to a bulk bag...
  • Glue production unit

    Processed powders: polyester powders - The powder is delivered in big bags or sacks for storage in a weighed buffer hopper.
  • Unloading big bags containing grains and cereals

    Process products: wheat bran, wheat flour, disinsected wheat bran - Unloading big bags containing grains and cereals - This big bag emptying station aims to feed insects (larvae and adults) with dry...
  • Insect breeding unit

    Processed products: bran, meal, droppings, live insects, dead insects - Insect breeding unit - This workshop is the heart of the insect breeding process.
  • Unloading and filling of manganese dioxide big bags

    Processed powder: lithium nickel potassium oxide - Unloading, filling of big bags and transfer of material - The objective of this installation is to protect the operators with equipment designed to...
  • Process for feeding mixers

    Processed powders: potato flakes, semolina, salt, breadcrumbs - New workshop for the production of fillings - Unloading, transfer, storage, dosing.
  • Process for the production of chocolate

    Process materials: granulated Sugar, whey, skim milk powder, and various other minor additives - Process for the production of chocolate - Objectives: unloading, transfer, storage and dosing of...


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production line palamatic process

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