Super sack filling systems - FlowMatic® 09

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Net weight for high rate loading for big bags with one handle

Rates from 1 to 40 big bags/h.

The  bulk bag filler FlowMatic® 09 model is the complete powder handling automated solution for net weight automatic filling for big bag (super sack, jumbo bag, fibc, bulk bag) with one handle (dosing / packaging / conveying). The  bulk bag filler FlowMatic® 09 is designed for continuous use at very high rate, including a maximum of automated tasks in "masked time". The FlowMatic® 09 super sack filling unit is fitted with all the necessary options for packaging with minimal human intervention: pre-dosing weighed hopper, containment inflating seal, rotating head hooking the big bag, height adjustable structure via a controlled pneumatic cylinder, bulk bag pre-forming fan, optional commercial weighing,  vibrating table for densification,  pallets unstacker, handling conveyor. normes atex certified palamatic process


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Product code: FlowMatic® 09

Palamatic standard versions are available with short delivery times. The filling big bags Flowmatic ® 09 allows conditioning of all types of super sacks with heights up to 2 400mm. We deal with all kinds of big bags (FIBC, IBC): simple envelope / double envelope / inner liner / partitioned big bag  / anti-static big bag...

specifications big bag filling system flowmatic 09 palamatic

1. Belt conveyor

2. Handling hook

3. Filling head

4. Tension hydraulic actuators

5. Weight cells

7. Pre-dosing hopper

8. Big bag shaping actuator

9. Platform

Equipments included in the model Flowmatic ® 09:

hook for one handle big bag

Hook for super sacks with single handle: the equipment can be designed to accommodate big bags with one handle. A specific holding hook allows the positioning of the handle. This hook is located on the structure for height adjustment, thus keeping the flexibility of the system.
A bent feeding tube completes the system to keep the big bag upright, ensuring optimum filling.

tension hydraulic actuators for bag filling system palamatic process

Hydraulic tension cylinder: the hydraulic cylinder is located on the  weighing deck and allows ergonomic height positioning of the hook, to adjust to different heights of big bag and keep it in tension during filling, avoiding  any weighing interference. Once the target weight is reached, the actuator returns to the original position for removal and disposal of the super sack.


belt conveyor big bag filling system flowmatic 09 palamatic

Belt conveyor:a series of motorized belt conveyors ensures the transfer of the filled big bags into the evacuation zone. A series of position sensors ensures the management of the entire area including the storage and the evacuation at the end of the line.

filling tube fibc filling station flowmatic 08 palamatic process

Filling head: the filling head is double envelope designed to allow the  balancing of volumes. The loaded air is discharged via the degassing line which can be connected to the dedusting network.

weight cell on fibc filling unit

Weighing: the complete filling head is mounted on three load cells, resting on the main structure. This technology, called gross weighing allows the control of the filling cycle (quantity and accuracy). The weighing automaton meanwhile ensures dosing accuracy by controlling the metering unit (screw conveyor, rotary valve, butterfly valve...) in 4-20mA analog signal. The integration of low speed control and  tail drop management allows the equipment to get greater accuracy.

pre dosing hopper

Pre-dosing hopper: located on load cells, this hopper allows the preparation of the dose to be bagged. This work in masked time allows the conditioning station to reach high rates.

big bag shaping actuator bag filling station palamatic process

Shaping cylinder: system for shaping the single loop of the super sack in order to facilitate the seizure of big bag by the fork of the lift truck when the bag is evacuated.

fibc filling_unit_with_access platform

Platform for operator: the operator works to a single function: the implementation of the super sack. The whole platform is designed to offer ergonomics and safety: storage area for the empty super sacks, tilting of the rails for closer access to the points of interface, touch screen for the installation control.



fan on big bag filling unit

Shaping of the big bag

The fan, fitted on the main structure, ensures the shaping of the big bag.

It facilitates the filling of super sacks fitted with an inner liner (PE or aluminized).

A by-pass valve completes the aeraulic line for degassing fines, captured by the double envelope tube during the conditioning phase.


vibrating table

Vibrating table

In order to deaerate the product, a vibrating table with two electric motors optimizes the filling.

pallet unstacker

Pallet unstacker on big bag filling line

In order to automate the super sack filling station, we propose the implementation of an automatic pallet unstacker.
Stacked pallets are stored and then fed one by one in the filling unit using a motorized conveyor.

grounding clamp

Grounding clamp

Bonding strips are fitted to the entire system. A rapid connexion point allows the grounding of the big bags carrying an equipotential bonding of the whole unit.

fibc welding machine

Fibc welding machine

Once the big bag is filled, it is evacuated and the sleeve is closed. A thermo-welding system allows the realization of a tight seal of the super sack, by the action of heating claws on the internal bag of the fibc. Welding technologies are adaptable according to the characteristics of the big bag (aluminum inner liner).

palamatic big bag covering

Big bag covering

At the output of big bags filling unit, an automatic hooder provides final containment of big bag on its pallet.
The feeding of the big bag is performed by a motorized conveyor.

big bag filling unit palamatic

Contained packaging line

Packaging cabin in Atex 20/22 contained area

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storage tank for urea preparation palamatic

Solution of DeNox manufacturing

Implementation of a skid for preparation of liquid urea to be delivered in tanktainer from bulk urea in the Carribean Islands

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mill integrated to industrial mixer palamatic process

Automatic line of micronizing, milling and big bag discharging system

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Powder treated : Micronization seaweed

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pharmaceutical filling device

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fibc filling under truck loading spout

Fibc filling under truck loading spout

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Additional equipment