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FlowMatic® 08 big bag filling system

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Big bag conditioner Palamatic Process

Big bag filling Flowmatic 08 - Packaging line for handling big bags with one loop via a telescopic filling tube

The FlowMatic® 08 big bag packaging station allows simple FIBC loading of bulk materials with large tonnage capacity requirements. Efficient and flexible, the FlowMatic® 08 is designed to store large quantities of bulk materials specifically for grain and feed, mining, and fertilizer industries.
The FlowMatic® 08 single loop big bag packaging station is equipped with the following features: loading hopper, hydraulic tension cylinder, load cells, big bag filling head, support structure.


ATEX certification Palamatic Process




Available options:

- Pre-inflating fan big bag

- Belt conveyor

Palamatic Process has developed a full range of bulk bag, FIBC, super sack, jumbo bag and big bag filling stations to meet the different needs of industries. The FlowMatic®08 represents the efficient and flexible solution for the simple packaging of bulk products, mainly dedicated to mining, grain or agricultural industries.

Big bag filling system Flowmatic 08 dimensions - Bulk powder handling
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Equipment advantages

- Commercial weighing

- Loading from a bulk storage

- Fan to ensure the forming of the big bag and inner bag

- Big bag tension hook and filling mouth


View our equipment in videos

FlowMatic® 08 big bag filling system

Remplissage big bags FlowMatic 08

Big bag filling systems - Packing line for handling big bag 1 handle with manuscopuc loading.


Gamme de stations de remplissage big bag - FlowMatic

Bulk bag filling range

View our equipment in photos

fill big bag flowmatic08 bulk handling

Big bag filling FlowMatic® 08

This FlowMatic®08 big bag filling station for big bag with one handle with a feeding hopper equipped with a butterfly valve that allows or not its closing.

big bag filling flowmatic 08

Bulk bag conditioner FlowMatic® 08

The big bag conditioner is provided with a simple hanging system specially designed for big bags for one handle. An inflatable seal completes the filling head. 

big bag packing bulk solid flowmatic08

Bulk bag filling systems

Big bag filling systems - Packing line for handling big bag with one loop with manuscopic loading.


bulk bag filling raw material solutions

Bulk bag filling systems with platform

FlowMatic® 08 big bags filling on a big bag conditioning line in the hygienic zone (white zone) of baby food materials.

bulk bag filling flexible silo raw material

Palamatic Process - big bag filling

Automatic conditioning line for urea big bags: dosing, conditioning and conveying.

bulk handling big bag filling bulk materials

Conveyor on bulk bag charging line

Big bag filling station on a spice reconditioning line from storage containers.

automatic bulk bag conditioner processing line

Big bag packing

Automatic big bag filling line for white sugar packing.

bulk bag conditioner plant

Load cells on bulk bag filling line

Hygienic big bag conditioning station for infant milk powder for the preparation of infant milk powder.

bulk bag conditioner packaging palamatic process

Sugar packaging in bulk bag

The sugar is packed in big bags for storage.

palamatic process bulk bag conditioner

Filling head on bulk bag charger

The FlowMatic® big bag filling system integrates all the options necessary for packing with a minimum of human intervention.

big bag filling raw material packaging line

Big bag filling

Filling of big bags with white minerals, talc and carbonates under silo.

big bag filling flowmatic 08

One handle big bag filling

The packaging machine is equipped with a simple hanging system specially designed for single-loop big bags. An inflatable seal completes the filling head. The big bag filling station is positioned on load cells for commercial weighing.

big bag filling flowmatic 08 hopper loading

Big bag filling hopper loading

The hopper is loaded via a handling machine. The fertilizer is then packaged in big bags with one loop.


Technical specification

Rate 40 to 60 big bags/h.
Capacity 2 tons/big bag
Manufacturing materials Painted steel, 304L stainless steel
Installed power 7.8 kW
Compressed air consumption 2.1 Nm³/h.
Dust removal rate 600 m³/h.

Finishing touches: RAL 9006, micro-blasted, electropolishing
Average absorbed power: 0.3kW
Operating pressure: 6 bar
Accuracy of the weighing chain: + or - 500 gr.
Maximum dimensions of big bags Length * Width * Height: 1,300 * 1,300 * 2,400

Equipment integrated into the FlowMatic® 08 model:

- Filling head

- Support structure

- Loading hopper

- Hydraulic tension cylinder

- Load cell


Available options

  • Bulk bag conditioner - Covering
    Bulk bag conditioner - Covering

    Big bag cover

    At the output of the big bag bagging station, an automatic wrapper ensures the final containment of the big bag on its pallet.
    The big bag is supplied by a motorized conveyor.

  • Bulk bag conditioner - Pallet unstacker
    Bulk bag conditioner - Pallet unstacker

    Pallet unstacker

    In order to automate the big bag filling station, we propose the implementation of an automatic pallet unstacker.
    The stacked pallets are stored in the workshop, then supply one by one the packaging station via a motorized conveyor.

  • Bulk bag conditioner - Grouding clamp
    Bulk bag conditioner - Grouding clamp

    Grounding clamp

    Mass braids equip the entire station. A quick connection point allows the grounding the big bags thus achieving an equipotential bonding of the assembly.

  • Bulk bag conditioner - Welding machine
    Bulk bag conditioner - Welding machine

    Internal bag welding machine

    Once the big bag is filled, it is evacuated to the cuff closing station. A thermo-welding system allows to carry out a tight closure of the big bag, by the action of heated jaws on the inner bag. Welding technologies can be adapted according to the characteristics of the big bag (internal aluminum bag).

  • Bulk bag conditioner - Vibrating table
    Bulk bag conditioner - Vibrating table

    Vibrating table

    It deaerates difficult products, the vibrating table ensures the filling of big bags in an optimal way. The vibrating table is equipped with 2 vibrating motors with adjustable intensity.

Case studies
  • Seeds

    Processed products: Fertilizers and seeds - Seeds - Production and trade of cereals for livestock feed.
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