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big bag packaging palamatic process

Pal'Pack®: Big Bag Packaging

Palamatic Process offers various types of big bags, super sack and FIBC's according to the requirements of your bulk bag handling operation.

Circular, square, reusable and disposable, our FIBC containers are made of virgin polypropylene for the handling of your powders and bulk products

As part of our ongoing effort to provide our clients with a one source solution, Palamatic Process offers the supply of big bags for the packing and storage of your bulk solids. Pal'Pack® offers 4 types of big bags with different electrostatic characteristics: type A, B, C or D. By understanding your process requirements, Palamatic Process can offer you the solution best adapted to your industry.
Contact us for all customized or standard packaging requests.

Big bag packing Palamatic Process
Number of straps Shapes Loads/Weight Dimensions






250 kg

600 kg

1,000 kg

1,500 kg

2,000 kg

80 x 80 x 90

91 x 91 x 200

95 x 95 x 125



Items types Applications Opening/closing time Customized



Green wastes


Construction site/Works




Full opening

Loading chute

Flat bottom

Total emptying

Drain chute

Closing skirt

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View our equipment in photos

empty big bag

Big bags bulk materials storage

Packing of cereals using a FlowMatic® 04.

bulk handling packaging powder process

Big bag Palamatic Process

Packing of milk powder for the production of dairy products.

automatic process line big bag filling

Big bags filling line

Bulk bag packing of chemicals products.

bulk handling packaging powder process

Big bag

Big bag packaging of different sizes can be adapted to all Palamatic Process filling systems.

bulk powder handling packaging

Powder packaging

Big bag filling of all types of raw ingredients and bulk materials.

bulk handling packaging

big bag packaging

Packing and discharing of big bags up to 2 tons. 

bulk handling packaging palamatic process

Big bag

Conditioning of dried fruit in bulk bags.

bulk bag conditioner packaging palamatic process

Sugar packaging

Factory located in Russia that processes sugar. 

big bag production line

Big bag filling system

Our big bag filling stations are used to fill big bags of different sizes. 

Case studies
  • Chocolate beads handling

    Processed products: chocolate beads - Storage in big bag - This customer is a world-renowned manufacturer and produces very fragile chocolate beads that are intended for packing (B to C).
  • Glue production unit

    Processed powders: polyester powders - The powder is delivered in big bags or sacks for storage in a weighed buffer hopper.


Big bag discharging - Telescopic tube - Easyflow EF1

Telescopic tube, Electric hoist loading, Forklift truck loading, low...

Big bag conditioner - SmashR®

Partial material discharge and integrated weighing

Big bag compactor - CBB125

Containment and management of empty big bags

Powder sampler ECD

Volumetric collection of bulk materials, Contained process, No contact...

Powder sampler ECD

Volumetric collection of bulk materials, Contained process, No contact...
production line palamatic process

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