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Bucket elevator

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Bucket elevator - Powder and bulk handling

Bucket elevator - Vertical bulk and powdered material conveying carefully

Bucket elevators ensure the conveying to a point in height bulk materials (ores, extracted products, bulk products, etc).

Flow rates from 4 to 409 m³/h.
Elevation from 3 to 45 m.

Compact vertical system to convey dry materials. Bucket elevators are designed for vertical conveying of materials several meters in height with a minimum space and ensure maximum safety.

  • Rate
  • Ease of implementation
  • Hygiene
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Equipment advantages

- Compact design

- Easy installation thanks to quick connection between components

- Compliance with relevant standards

- Excellent price-quality ratio

- Great variety of options and accessories

- Durable in time with minimum maintenance requirements


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tubular conveying mechanical conveying

Mechanical conveying

Bucket conveyor for heavy-duty vertical handling or high throughput.

palamatic process bucket elevator bulk handling

Vertical bulk material conveying

Head, foot and bolted sheaths: easy installation and maintenance operations. 

vertical conveying bulk elevator

Bucket elevator

Bucket conveyor for bulk solids handling.

bucket elevator mechanical conveying

Bucket elevator Palamatic Process

High-flow bucket elevators with belt drive are used for the conveying of all bulk products: flour, cereals, cement...

bucket elevator mechanical conveying powders

Vertical conveying

Bucket elevators are widely used in many industries such as fertilizer industry, cement plants, agriculture or quarries.

bucket elevator mechanical conveying

Bucket elevator - Mechanical conveying

Prevents belt wear or slippage.

bucket elevator mechanical conveying

Bucket elevator

Ensures the lifting of bulk solids

bucket elevator bulk conveying

Bucket elevator bulk conveying

Bucket elevators are used for the vertical handling of bulk materials, such as cereals, granules, powders, etc...

bucket elevator bulk material handling

Bucket elevator bulk materials handling

Self-supporting structure to support the elevator and to provide access for maintenance operations.


Technical specification

Heigh from 3 to 45 meters
Rates transport speed from 1,6m./s. to 3,1 m./s.
Ø rolls 250 to 610 mm
Flow rates from From 4 to 409 m³/h.
Elevation From 3 to 45m.


bucket elevator palamatic process layout


  • Self-centring, steel or stainless, dual-cone drum covered with rubber or squirrel-cage
  • Belt offset sensor
  • Anti-war protection
  • Dust collection connector
  • Deflector
  • Optional maintenance hatch


  • Standard chain or direct coupling with pendulum assembly


  • Rubber belt
  • Clamping jaw link
  • Very low elongation
  • Tension belt suitable for various materials
  • Resistance class
  • Available options : feed belt, temperature resistance, oil resistance


  • HDPE construction
  • Steel / stainless or anti-static nylon possible
  • Bucket capacity from 0.1 to 8.6 litres


  • Constructed in standard 2 m bolted sections with support strut
  • Sheath distance from 0.5 to 2 m.
  • Anti-explosion panel integration


  • Cleaning hatch
  • Belt tension system by screw with integrated seal
  • Steel or stainless steel construction
  • Anti-wear protection
  • Dust collection pick-up possible
  • Self-centring standard squirrel-cage return drum
  • Rotation sensor
  • Jam detector
Case studies
  • Calcium carbonate plant

    Processed powder: carbonate - Calcium carbonate plant - Company specialized in the supply of aggregates to the Maghreb.
  • Adblue - Urea- DeNOx

    Processed powders: solid urea, demined water and liquid urea - Adblue, Urea, Denox - Supplier of DeNOX solutions for thermal power plants to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions.
  • Dissolution of urea

    Processed materials: liquid urea - Dissolution of urea - The 500m² facility consists of the production unit, polypropylene and HDPE storage tanks and storage of solid urea big bags.
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production line palamatic process

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