Pallet manipulator

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Effortless vacuum lifting and pallet solution for increased productivity

A market leader for 20 years in terms of designing, manufacturing and installing handling systems, PALAMATIC PROCESS is today unmatched in the world of suction lifting. The most usual way to inspect pallets requires two operators in difficult working conditions, since they must lift them manually, inspect them, and store them outdoors.

Pallet inspection and sorting is an essential step to compensate for the recurrent problem of glued package waste. It is an industrial sector where many accidents occur, affecting in particular the back and hands.

Main advantages of the system

  • Effortless lifting
  • Greater productivity
  • Increased operators safety
  • Increased operators performance
  • Pallets handling is a problem for many industries



Palamatic Process proposes a pallet inspection system that provides optimal working conditions in an ergonomic work station. It consists of a fork especially designed to be attached to a suction tube, easily controlled by one operator.

The pallet is removed safely from the pile, lifted and handled at will (360° rotation) for inspection. This allows the operator to keep his hands free, to remove waste and place it on a conveyor. Thanks to our system, one operator can now inspect up to 200 pallets of 50 kg in one hour.

Optimal safety :

A safety system is integrated to all systems, protecting the operator in case of a power failure : the tube is released slowly, and the load is placed slowly on the floor. There is no risk of load fall –our systems are used for handling of glasses, car windscreens, TVs, etc.). The system requires very little maintenance, and offers high efficiency.

Common applications :

  • Design and organization of lines completed by handling of Europe pallets and other formats

Palamatic Process integrates supplementary equipment to the manipulator :

  • Pallet repair table with gun nailer, saw
  • Lift table
  • Motor-driven or gravity roller conveyor
  • Unstacker
  • Painting cabin

Additional equipment