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Rubber bale manipulator - Bulk material and powder handling

Rubber bale manipulator - Vacuum tube lifter

Solution for lifting rubber blocks by vacuum to significantly improve the operator's performance. The tool requires little maintenance. 

Ergonomic and maintenance-free handling:

When rubber bales need to be handled, Palamatic Process vacuum lifting systems offer efficiency and safety. The lifting is carried out effortlessly by one single operator.

The rubber bale manipulator is fitted with a suction seal system perfectly adapted to the handling of rubber bales. The operator can manually and effortlessly handle a load of up to 80 kg.


  • Ergonomics
  • Ease of implementation
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Equipment advantages

- Effortless lifting 
- Increased performance and productivity
- Optimal working conditions
- Ergonomic post
- Increase in operator safety
- Increase in operator efficiency
- Low maintenance


View our equipment in photos

rubber bale handling

Rubber bale lifting

Industrial manipulator for rubber blocks on calendering line.

bale rubber manipulator

Rubber bale vacuum lifting

The height and speed of the lifting tube up and down are determined and adjusted according to the handling needs.

rubber bale tube lifter

Vacuum tube lifter for rubber bales

The head of the manipulator is provided with a screw that allows the gripping of the rubber bale.

rubber bale handling

Industrial manipulator for rubber bales

Rubber bale manipulator fitted with handling screws.

bale rubber lifter

Suction seal lifting for rubber bale

Tube lifter for rubber bales mounted on a handling overhead travelling crane.

rubber bale lifting

Vacuum tube lifter for rubber bale with suction foot

The operator can operate a simple handle to raise or lower the lifting tube.


Technical specification

Our systems are available as standard with a lifting stroke of 1700 mm (optional up to 2400 mm). They can be mounted on a crane system or a jib crane.

Optimum security:

A safety system is integrated to all systems and protects the operator in the event of a power failure: the tube expands slowly and the load is gently laid on the ground. There is no risk of the load being dropped (our systems are used for the handling of windows, car windscreens, televisions, etc.).
All this with little maintenance for a highly efficient system.

Standard applications:

- Palletizing
- Depalletization

Case studies
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