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Drum manipulator

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Drum barrel tube lifter

Drum manipulator - Vacuum tube lifter avoiding any risk of the drum falling

A lateral suction seal system allows the operator to rotate the drum completely and effortlessly. Safety is optimal in order to avoid the risk of the drum falling.

Market leader for 25 years in the design, manufacture and engineering of raw ingredients and bulk materials handling systems, Palamatic Process is now an expert in vacuum lifting. Thanks to the use of Palamatic Process handling systems, the drum is effortlessly lifted by a single operator.

When the contents of the drums have to be discharged directly into the process, our lateral suction seal system allows a complete rotation of the drum. The drum manipulator therefore allows the drum to be tilted and turned in a very optimal way for the operator. Palamatic Process has also developed a self-balancing system to compensate for the weight loss of the drum during the unloading process. With our many options available, the operator can fully or partially empty the contents of the industrial drums.

A safety system is integrated into all systems and protects the operator in the event of a power failure: the tube expands slowly and the load is gently laid on the ground. There is no risk of the load falling.


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Equipment advantages

- Effortless lifting 
- Increased performance and productivity
- Optimal working conditions
- Ergonomic post
- Increase in operator safety
- Increase in operator efficiency
- Low maintenance


View our equipment in photos

handling handle tube lifter

Ergonomics: drum lifting with extended handle

Thanks to the use of Palamatic Process handling systems, the cardboard box is effortlessly lifted by one and the same operator.

dust tight drum tipper palamatic process

Dust-tight drum lifting

Drum manipulator for roller conveyor infeed.

Rubber bale manipulator

Drum manipulator Palamatic Process

Handling system for complete drum turnaround.

 tube lifter for drum

Industrial manipulator for drums

Drum manipulator for effortless lifting. Built-in drum conveyor for a fully automated drum tilting system.

Bras de manutention levage par aspiration

Vacuum tube lifter for drums in pharmaceutical application

The drum handling system is particularly suitable for the pharmaceutical industry.

handling hook tube lifter

Handling hook on tube lifting system

The handling hook is designed to lift drums safely.

pharmaceutical drum tipper

Drum tipper in pharmaceutical industry

Mobile drum tipper for pharmaceutical applications.

Vacuum lifter for drums

Tube lifter for drums

Drum manipulator with double lifting tube for heavy drums.

pharmaceutical tube lifter for drum

Hygienic tube lifter for fine chemistry application

Drum manipulator with finishes designed for demanding industries such as pharmaceuticals or fine chemicals.

suction foot for drum

Suction foot on drum lifter

The suction head of the drum manipulator is provided with a lifting suction seal.

suction foot vacuum lifting

Plastic canister handling

Round suction seal for handling plastic barrels.

drum handling bulk materials

Metallic drums handling

Metal drums handling in a workshop processing petrochemical materials.

Poignée de manutention de fûts carton

Handle for cardboard drum handling

The cardboard drum can be moved to be placed on a pallet or on a drum dumper.

Manipulateur de fûts industriels mobile

Mobile drum tipper pharmaceutical industry

Drum handling system on wheels to ensure on-site mobility.

Pont roulant manutention de bidons plastique

Drum tube lifter on crane system

The plastic barrels are moved by a vacuum lifting tube fitted on a handling overhead crane.

Potence de levage de fûts

Jib crane and tube lifter for drum handling and lifting

Effortless handling of metal barrels by a single operator.

Tête de manutention seau

Suction seal for bucket handling

Vacuum lifting tube for handling plastic buckets.

Tube de levage par aspiration pour fûts industriels

Tube lifter for industrial drums

Industrial drum manipulator for tilting and emptying.

drum lifting system

Drum handling system for roller conveyor supplying

Suction lifting tube for DrumFlow® 03 application.

Case studies
  • Bag and drum handling

    Processed powder: Potassium Bi-Fluoride - Drum and bag handling in the nuclear sector: 25kg kraft paper bags with an inner liner and 90kg drums with an inner liner.
  • Automated drum dumper

    Powder processed: wet ground powder - Automated drum dumper - Dumping and discharging of drums of wet ground powder at a rate of 40 drums/hour.
  • Drum filling with chemical agents

    Processed materials: hydrazine hydrate derivative - Drum filling with chemical agents - The customer is the world leader in chemistry for the manufacture of building materials.
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Drum discharging system- DrumFlow®02

Bag extraction, Confinement, Glove box

Drum discharging system - DrumFlow®03

Tipping over, All drums sizes, No drum manipulation, Safety

Drum discharging system - DrumFlow® 04

Tipping over and sealed capping, Total containment, No manipulation,...

Sack manipulator MANIS 160-1700

Effortless lifting, Operator security, Ergonomics, MSDs

Box manipulator

Single operator, Optimal working conditions, Effortless lifting,...
production line palamatic process

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