Automatic sack opening systems - Autotip

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Sack opening at very high speed

Rate: 15 sacks/min.
Mild steel construction 

Main specifications

The automatic sack opening system AUTOTIP® 1200 can open paper, polyethylene, synthetic and hessian sacks containing products such as plastic granules, coffee beans, tea and rice.
This powder handling machine, the giant of the range, is designed to open sacks at the rate of 15 to 20 sacks per minute (up to 60 tons per hour).

Operating mode

The bags are opened automatically using a pair of cutting blades. The material then passes through a sifter located directly below the cutting section. This system ensures that each bag is cut at least once. 

The material and the open bags are then transported by gravity in a rotary drum using the screw. The rotary drum ensures that the material is effectively separated from its packaging. This drum will convey empty packaging throughout its length and then supply a full screw compactor for collection of empty sacks in a polyethylene sheath. The material then flows through the screen situated directly under the rotating drum in a discharge chute (this action is performed by gravity). To complete the operation, the operator simply presses on a stop button on the control panel.

Main advantages

  • Suitable for many types of bags: paper, polywoven, lined...
  • Can be used in areas with restricted headroom
  • Integrated sack compactor
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced emissions of dust
  • Easy to clean

Feeding process

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1. Infeed conveyor 2. Supply of full pallets 3. Tilting of the full pallet directly into the machine 4. Pre-cutting of the sacks

Implementation details


1. Cutting machine with rotary drum and cutting blade - 2. Infeed conveyor for pallets of sacks - 3. Empty pallet stacker






Autotip-sack-opening-palamatic-process.jpg Feeding of the plant by extrusion Sack opening line at a polyethylene manufacturer Plastic injection plant Types of sacks handled: paper and polyethylene Supply of full pallets Automatic unstacker for a loading of the pallet without operator intervention Pre-cutting of the sacks Rotary drum: separation of powders and sacks Empty sack compactor for a clean working area

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Additional equipment

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