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Semi-automatic sack discharging - Ergotip®

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Bag dump station - Bulk and powder handling
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Max rate: 2 to 4 bags/min.
Steel or stainless steel fabrication

The ERGOTIP® automatic bag emptying system has a clean cutting system for all types of bags and ensures a high bag opening rate.

The ERGOTIP bag dump station is designed to automatically unpack bulk material at high speed. The bag opener is suitable for all industrial sectors.
It has an articulated blade cutting system to ensure a clean opening of all types of bags (paper, polywoven, lined).

The two-hand control system ensures safety and efficiency as well as the opening rate.


Operating principle: 

1. The operator places the bag in the machine and closes the door

2. The blade makes a slit on the bottom of the bag

3. Product flow into the hopper

4. Shaking the bag effortlessly and without heavy bag handling.


Operating mode - cutting:

operating mode automatic sack discharging

The cutting system from the bottom of the bag prevents the operator from turning the bags over. In addition to ergonomics, the emptying rate is improved.

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Equipment advantages

- Suitable for a large number of types of bags: paper, polywoven, lined...

- Minimizes handling by the operator

- Reduction of dust emissions

- Integrated bag compactor

- Easy to clean


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Semi automatic sack discharging station Ergotip®

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sack dumping ergotip powder processing

Semi-automatic sack discharging

The handling of the sack is easy and effortless.

semi automatic sack discharging

Sack discharging - Cutting system

The blade makes a slit on the bottom of the bag.

powder processing automatic sack opening

Bag compactor

The Ergotip® bag opener is used in all sectors. The articulated blade cutting system ensures a clean cut of all types of bags. 

semi automatic sack discharging

Semi-automatic bag dump station

The blade makes a slit on the bottom of the bag.

semi automatic sack discharging

Bag dump station with compactor

Once the bag is discharged, it is placed in the bag compactor to maintain a healthy atmosphere. 

semi automatic sack discharging

Semi-automatic sack discharging

Pneumatic cutting cylinder with accumulator for optimal cutting. 

automatic sack opening bulk materials

Bag tracking

Batch monitoring for process safety. 

bag dump station compactor dust collector

Sack manual discharging

Effortless bag cutting without heavy bag handling. The operator does not need to return the bag.

powder treatment

Semi-automatic bag emptying Ergotip

The Ergotip® bag opener can open all types of bags.

powder treatment palamatic process

Semi-automatic sack discharging Ergotip

Semi-automatic multibag discharging - bulk materials handling.

sack dumping ergotip

Sack dumping

Specific design with articulated screen for position magnetic detection.

sack dumping ergotip food application

Sack dumping food application

This bag dump station integrates a cleaning system in place (CIP).

semi automatic sack discharging

Semi-automatic sack discharging

In order to proceed to the semi-automatic opening, the operator validates the cutting cycle by means of a bimanual control.

Ergotip automatic

Ergotip® automatic

Unscrambler designed for all industrial sectors.

Vacuum bags Palamatic Process

Vacuum bags Palamatic Process

Unpacking bags automatically and at high speed.


Technical specification

Rate 6 sacks/min.
Flow rate 15 to 50 kg/sack
Manufacturing materials Painted steel, 316L stainless steel
Compressed air consumption 12 Nm³/h.
Dust removal rate 800 m³/h.


The entire mechanics are placed outside to avoid contact with the bulk material (bulk, powder, powders, etc.).

- Suitable for many types of bags: paper, polywoven, lined...

- Minimizes handling by the operator

- Increases productivity

- Reduces dust emissions

- Integrated bag compactor

- Easy to clean

Case studies
  • Ethanol production

    Processed powders: fluorinated derivatives: ammonium bifluoride, sodium fluoride, potassium fluoride, magnesia - Ethanol production - This customer is a specialist in the processing of oilseeds for...
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