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Industrial automation - Pal'Touch®

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automation control palamatic process
atex standard certified palamatic process

Automation and control plc - PAL’TOUCH®

Dosing, micro-dosing, traceability, supervision, background
As a designer of complete production lines, Palamatic Process associates ergonomically and visually programmed PLCs with its production units.

Production monitoring is as important as the result. This is why Palamatic Process’s automation and computer engineers include fool-proofing in raw material inputs, lot traceability, operator identification and dosing reliability. The production line steering screens provide ergonomics and comfort with continuous dialogue during the project execution phase between your production team and our design office.

Palamatic Process has its own electricity design office to meet all your needs. The electricity department is involved in preliminary design to help define your needs and guide you in many technical choices. It performs the following actions:

  • Realization of electrical diagrams with SeeElectrical
  • Definition and material control
  • Reading and analysis of customer specifications.

The electrical engineering department works in close collaboration with the wiring workshop and the automation department. The wiring workshop has the following missions:

  • Wiring and connection of electrical cabinets
  • Wiring and connection of industrial control and power equipment
  • Testing of cabinets and detection of electrical failures
  • Electrical tests of equipment during acceptance

The automation design office is the guarantor of the proper functioning of your industrial automatons. In conjunction with the design office, it carries out the following operations:

  • PLC programming (Siemens under TIA PARTAL V15, Schneider under Unity and SoMachine, Rockwell under CCW and Logic designer)
  • Creation of operator screens (Siemens, Schneider, Rockwell, Beijer)
  • Creation of supervision notices
  • Analysis of customer specifications
  • Permanent search for technical solutions
  • Permanent updates of our programming standard.
  • Our automation staff will visit your plant to install your equipment.

The documentation provided includes all operating and maintenance procedures. It allows your teams to optimally manage your industrial production line.

Equipment advantages

- Stamping of raw material feeds

- Batch traceability

- Identification of operators

- Dosing reliability


View our equipment in photos

automatic processing line automation

Automated systems and instrumentalization

Industrial automation enables the operator to control the equipment via a control screen. The process is thus automated, avoiding any human intervention.


Pal'Touch® automaton

Control screen to control the various machines.

industrial control cabinet Palamatic Process

Automation control cabinet

Electrical cable for control systems.

automation instrumentation

Industrial automation and instrumentalization

PLC management screen (start-up, flow, commercial weighing, etc...).

industrial automation powders handling solutions

Industrial automation Pal'Touch® raw ingredients handling

A turnkey solution for your comfort: 

  • Wiring and connection of electrical cabinets
  • Wiring and connection of industrial control and power equipment
  • Testing of cabinets and troubleshooting of electrical failures
  • Electrical tests of equipment during acceptance
palamatic process industrial control cabinet

Production line control box

Our automation collaborators come to your factory to install your equipment.

industrial automation bulk

Industrial production line automation

  • Realization of electrical diagrams with SeeElectrical
  • Definition and material control
  • Reading and analysis of customer specifications.
control cabinet automation

Wiring tests on control cabinet

Performing input/output tests: checking the proper functioning of the sensors and all actuators (motors, cylinders, valves, etc.).

control cabinet wiring

Electrical control cabinet powder processing

  • Wiring and connection of electrical cabinets
  • Wiring and connection of industrial control and power equipment
  • Testing of cabinets and troubleshooting of electrical failures
  • Electrical tests of equipment during acceptance
automatic sack discharging pal touch

Pal'Touch® automation on sack discharging processing line

Automate, robotize, make your production process more reliable.

automation wiring palamatic process

Bulk handling equipment automation

  • Empty tests of the equipment (automatic tests without product)
  • Tests with bulk materials
industrial automation

Industrial automation touch screen

We are involved in the automation of any industrial process and we are specialized in the implementation of automated solutions in the management of your process.

control screen pal touch

Pal'Touch®screen for process control

As a designer of complete lines, Palamatic Process combines its production units with ergonomically and visually programmed PLCs.  These automated processes can operate without human intervention.

big bag unloader automation

Pal'Touch® industrial automation

Industrial automation system for the control of big bag emptying stations.

industrial crushing mill

Industrial mill control

Control PLC for a sugar grinding system.

dosing skid control screen

Control screen on dosing skid

Dosing skid with control screen.

dosing skid control screen sowing

Monitoring screen for seed application

Seed discharge from sacks for refilling with integrated dosing.

dosing skid control screen sowing application

Skid with dosing monitoring

Seed discharge from sacks for refilling with integrated dosing.

control screen big bag discharge station

Control screen on big bag discharging station

  • Coding of raw material introductions
  • Batch traceability
  • Identification of operators
  • Reliable dosing reliability
control screen big bag discharge station automation

Control panel on big bag discharging station

Emptying of polypropylene bags for truck filling.

industrial automation bulk material handling

Big bag filling station monitoring

Big bag packing line with a capacity of 40 big bags per hour.

palamatic process automation monitoring

Automation and electricity department

  • Optimization of the process and ergonomics of HMIs (Human-Machine Interactions)
  • Operator training
  • Complete and have signed the acceptance report.
palamatic process automation monitoring paltouch

Electrical wiring

The electrical wiring is done in our workshops. All our control cabinets are tested on your equipment before shipment.

palamatic process automation monitoring paltouch

industrial production lines involving raw ingredients traceability

Palamatic Process PLCs are used to manage the traceability of your production.

bulk bag filler Flowmatic 03

Automation on FlowMatic®03

industrial mixing bulk material handling

Mixing application control panel

industrial mixer bulk material handling

Mixer with industrial automation

Horizontal mixer (ploughshares/blades) with industrial automation and access platform.

control cabinet automation bulk materials

Control screen for production line control

Control cabinet with touch screen for big bag filling station monitoring.

industrial automation control cabinet

Bulk materials production line monitoring

Pal'Touch® technology: programmable controllers for precise raw ingredients production monitoring.

industrial automation bulk material handling

Control cabinet

Programmable industrial PLC.

Case studies
  • Pharmaceutical loading

    Processed powder: Sorbitol - Pharmaceutical loading - Manufacturing of basic pharmaceutical products, medicines
  • Instant chocolate powder

    Powder processed: chocolate powder - Instant chocolate powder - This company in the agri-food sector produces chocolates, sweets, condiments, seasonings, sugars...
  • Premix manufacturing

    Processed powders: silica, wheat, carbonate - Premix manufacturing - The installation consists of a new mixing line for the production of natural additives for animal nutrition.
  • Loading of activated carbon

    Processed powders: activated carbon - Loading of activated carbon - Installation for the world's leading supplier of coal for energy purposes.
  • Truck and wagon loading

    Processed powder: adipic acid - Truck and wagon loading - The installation is especially designed to meet all the customer's constraints, in particular operation of the installation at a flow rate of...
  • Bulk truck loading

    Processed powder: polypropylene - Bulk truck loading - This powder handling line is designed to feed granules into trucks at a high rate of 25 t/h. The production requirement is to create neither...
  • Animal flour loading

    Powders processed: feather flour, animal flour - Animal flour loading - Palamatic Process has set up a bulk bag packaging station with vibration and automatic releaseof the bulk bag.
  • Sugar packing

    Processed powder: white sugar - Sugar packing - The FlowMatic© 04 bulk bag filling station allows dust-tight packaging of all types of powders, limits dust emissions and automates the removal of the...
  • Aromatic herbs conditioning

    Processed powder: dried grass seeds - Seeds conditioning - Installation of a double discharge station: big bag emptying and container emptying for mixer feeding as well as a double filling station:...
  • Preparation of dried fruit recipes

    Processed products: dried fruit - Preparation of dried fruit recipes - This installation involves the feeding of dried fruit to a mixer. The various dried fruits are stored in bags, boxes and big bags...
  • Reactors loading

    Processed bulk material: lithium fluoride - Reactor loading - High performance pneumatic vacuum conveying with dosing container for incorporation into pressurized reactors. Our customer, a Chinese...
  • Automated drum dumper

    Powder processed: wet ground powder - Automated drum dumper - Dumping and discharging of drums of wet ground powder at a rate of 40 drums/hour.
  • Disperser feeding

    Processed bulk materials: pyrogenic silica, calcium carbonates, expanded graphite, aerosil, imersil - Disperser feeding - The facility consists of a bag dump station fitted with a dedusting device and...
  • Discharge, Feed and Grinding Line

    Processed bulk material: Lysine - Grinding Line - Facility for one of the world's leading animal nutrition companies.
  • Frozen fruit process

    Processed products: blackcurrent, cherries, bananas, raspberries, peaches - Frozen fruit process - IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) big bag and cardboard box discharger.
  • Production of engine additives

    Processed material: diatomaceous earth - Production of engine additives - Safe incorporation of dry solids with nitrogen inert gas lock in a sensitive environment, ATEX Gas zone, zero retention.
  • Perlite conveying

    Processed powder: perlite - Perlite unloading, dosing and conveying - This mineral handling facility consists of an EasyFlow® 125 big bag deconditioning station.
  • Powder induction supply (powder/liquid mixer)

    Processed powder: althea powder - Powder induction feed (powder/liquid mixer) - The purpose of the installation is to extract althea powder for liquid incorporation
  • Mixing and packing of spices

    Processed powders: spice mixtures (curry...), tea and herbal tea blends, fine salt - Spice blending and bagging - Bagging station for packaging spice and powder blends in bags from 1 to 25kg.
  • Deconditioning of food powders

    Processed powders: wheat starch, potato starch, salt, egg white and sugar - Deconditioning of food powders - The customer is a Breton cannery specialized in the manufacture of surimi.
  • Raw material dosing

    Processed powders: milk powder, salt, sugar and additives - Raw material dosing - This project concerns the deconditioning of raw materials in big bags for the feeding of 2 Viennese pastry production...
  • Lime and mineral packing

    Processed powders: lime + additives - Lime and minerals packing - The installation involves a FlowMatic® 05 big bag filling station with suspended weighing.
  • Blower for feeding containers

    Processed materials: crushed egg shells - Blower for feeding containers - The purpose of the equipment is to collect crushed egg shells from a centrifuge / crusher placed downstream of automatic...
  • Drum filling with chemical agents

    Processed materials: hydrazine hydrate derivative - Drum filling with chemical agents - The customer is the world leader in chemistry for the manufacture of building materials.
  • Incorporation of detergent products

    Processed bulk materials: Benzotriazole and Tolytriazole - Incorporation of detergent products - The client is the Europe's leading supplier of household cleaning products and private brand toiletry...

Additional equipment

Drum discharging system - DrumFlow® 04

Tipping over and sealed capping, Total containment, No manipulation,...

Pneumatic conveying - Dense phase vacuum conveying - Detached filter

No product loss, High rate process, Implementation in hazardous areas

Vertical ribbon mixer - Discontinuous

Birotor or Monorotor, Excellent mixing results, Helical movement of...

IBC tumbler blender

Variable mixing speeds, Uniform mixing, Secure container locking

Industrial mill - 4 models

Powders micronization
production line palamatic process

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