Automatic High Cadence Octabin FlowMatic®

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Automatic octabin filling line 

Rates from 30 to 60 octabins/h.


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To minimize the number of operator tasks, the large majority of operations are automated with the Automatic High Cadence Octabin FlowMatic® model. 

This installation is intended for continuous and high volume filling of octabins ; it includes uncapping, conveying, filling, weighing, closing and wrapping.



Etape 1 : Loading of empty octabins with forklift

Etape 2 : Automatic uncapping

Etape 3 : Conveying of octabins

Etape 4 : Automatic filling

Etape 5 : Manual clossing 

Etape 6 : Automatic wrapping

Etape 7 : Extraction with forklift of the octabins after filling

Rate: 30 - 60 octabins/h.
Manufacturing materials: mild steel, AISI 304L, AISI 316L
Finish: RAL 9006, microbillé, électropolissage
Installed capacity: 16,3 kW
Average power consumption: 4,1 kW
Compressed air consumption: 0,6 Nm³/h.
Pressure: 6 bars
Input 4 - 20 mA : 1
Digital input: 13
Digital output: 24
Weighing precision: ± 500 grammes
Dedusting rate: 300 m³/h.
Octabins maximum dimensions
Length x width x height: 1200 x 1200 x 2400 mm




Inner liner welder

The inner liner of the big bag is welded ergonomically. The system is positioned at the output of the octobin filling unit, above the output conveyor. The  welding clamp is attached to retractable guide rails allowing its installation and removal ergonomically. Two carrying handles complete the positioning system.

The press is fitted with a fixed part (lower welding jaw) and a movable part (top sealing jaw). The movable part positions itself by a pneumatic cylinder to obtain a uniform compression constraint.

houssage big bag

Big bag covering

At the output of octabins filling unit, an automatic hooder provides final containment of the octabin on its pallet.

The feeding of the octabin is performed by a motorized conveyor.

Additional equipment