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FlowMatic® Octabin OC2 - Octabin filling

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octabin packaging unit high rate palamatic process

Octabins OC2 filling station - High speed packaging in gross or net weight

The FlowMatic® Octabin OC2 filling station enables high rate packaging in gross weighing.
This equipment allows high performance and ergonomics of the station through an optimization of the filling rate of your octabins. This packaging line allows the net weighing of large volumes ready for sale.


description octabins filling system oc2
Octabin filling system layout OC2 - Bulk powder handling

The High speed FlowMatic® OC2 Octabin model is designed to optimize the filling rate of your octabins. The pallet unstacker, associated with the conveyor line and the weighing system, allows the packaging of large volumes ready for sale. The access platform and the overall ergonomics of the workstation simplify and streamline operator interventions. Octabin OC2 filling station allows high speed packaging in gross weighing.


Octabin filling system layout OC2 - Bulk powder handling
  • Automation
  • Rate
  • Overall dimensions

Equipment advantages

- Vibrating table

- Handling conveyor

- Dosing and weighing

- Pallet unstacker


View our equipment in videos

Octabin filling line

Octabin filling with expandable polystyren.

View our equipment in photos

high rate octabin conditioner -OC2

Octabin filling system - OC2

The station ensures a high rate filling of octabins.

big bag filling system raw material access platform

Octabin filling system - OC1

Octabin conditioning station on an industrial glue production process line.

high rate octabin loading

Load cells

Weighing system on an octabin filling station on a premix mixing and packaging line in the food industry.

bulk bag filling raw material outlet

Big bag conveyor

Pallet unstacker on octabin conditioning line on industrial seed conditioning process.

big bag filling raw material packaging pallet unstacker

Pallet unstacker

Pallet unstacker on octabin conditioning line on industrial powder conditioning process.

high rate octabin conditioner powder handling

Octabin filling system - OC1

Octabin packaging of white sugar and crystal sugar.

Octabin filling station

Octabin filling system

Octabin conveying and conditioning line for the chemical sector.

Octabin loader

Octabin loader

Loading octabins with polystyrene beads from sacks and big bags.

Octabin loading

Octabin loading

Industrial line for conveying and packaging in octabins.

Octabin loading system

Octabin loading system

Industrial line for packaging polyethylene beads into octabins.


Technical specification

Rate 20 to 40 octabins/h
Capacity 2 tonnes/big bag
Matériaux de fabrication Acier peint, inox 304L, inox 316L
Puissance installée 10,9 kW
Consommation air comprimé 1.1 Nm³/h
Débit de dépoussiérage 300 m³/h

Finishing touches: RAL 9006, micro-blasted, electropolishing

Average power consumption: 1.0 kW

Operating pressure: 6 bar

Input 4 - 20 mA: 1

Digital input: 10

Digital output: 15

Accuracy of the weighing chain: +/- 500 grams

Dimensions maximum octabins length * width * height: 1,200 * 1,200 * 2,400

Integrated equipment :

- Access platform

- Roller conveyor

- Vibrating densification table

- Internal pocket shaping fan

- Filling head with assembly plate

- Automatic pallet unstacker


Available options

  • Bulk bag conditioner - Covering
    Bulk bag conditioner - Covering


    At the exit of the bagging station of the octabins, an automatic wrapper ensures the final confinement of the octabin on its pallet.
    The feeding of the octabin is performed by a motorized conveyor.

  • Bulk bag conditioner - Welding machine
    Bulk bag conditioner - Welding machine

    Internal bag welding machine

    The inner memory of the octabin is welded ergonomically. The system is positioned at the outlet of the octabin conditioner, above the evacuation conveyor. The welding clamp is attached to retractable guide rails for ergonomic placement and removal. Two handling handles complete the positioning system.

    The press is equipped with a fixed part (lower welding jaw) and a moving part (upper welding jaw). The moving part is positioned by a pneumatic cylinder in order to obtain a homogeneous compressive stress.

Case studies
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Additional equipment

FlowMatic® Octabin OC2 - Octabin filling

Ergonomics, Weighing, High rate

Octabin discharging - Octoflow 01

For octabins with lateral discharge outlet or suction pipe

Octabin discharging - Octoflow 02

Pneumatic clamping with tilting through hydraulic unit
production line palamatic process

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