Pinch valve

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For complete blocking or flow rate control for materials in pneumatic transfer lines

12 models : from Ø 13 (VM013) to Ø 200 (VM0200)

The pinch valves are designed to be used to intercept the material flow in pneumatic conveying systems, or other pipelines (dense, corrosive or pasty mixture). The internal flexible sleeve is reshaped in such a way that the passage is hermetically sealed. normes atex certified palamatic process

Main advantages

  • Full bore-through passage : no load loss
  • Compact overall dimensions
  • Easy and quick sleeve and bush replacement
  • Full bore-through passage without any pressure loss
  • No product contact with the body
  • Valve body in aluminium alloy
  • Sleeves in fabric-reinforced material
  • Sleeve support bushes either in aluminium alloy, hardened carbon steel, or 304L/316L stainless steel
  • Very low air consumption

Operating mode


In the open position the internal cross section of the valve is identical with the connecting pipe diameter. The full bore-through passage is a major asset to avoid clogging problems.
By introducing compressed air or water under pressure through the threaded bore into the interior of the valve, the internal flexible sleeve is reshaped in such a way that the passage is hermetically sealed (suitable for powders, granules, fibres, dense mixtures and liquids).



closed valve connection to unloading trucks open valve pinch valve pinch valve with pneumatic connection silo filling application switch for pneumatic transfer total stop a conveying line


  • Food industry versions available for VM040 à VM0200
  • The body of the VM Pinch Valve is manufactured in aluminium alloy. The sleeves are made from fabric-reinforced material. The sleeve support bushes are either made from aluminium alloy, hardened carbon steel, or 304L/316L stainless steel.
  • Maximum working pressure: 3.5 bar
  • Maximum inflation pressure: 6.0 bar
  • Recommended maximum differential pressure: 2.5 bar


The pinch valves are usually mounted on pneumatic transfer circuits to provide automatic or manual switch.

Implantation vanne manchon

Pinch valve

Implantation vanne manchon industrielle

Pinch valve on the output of a manual sacks opening 
unit to feed a conveying unit




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Atex zone 22 available

manchon vanne industrielle

Sleeve for the food industry

Different sleeve materials suitable for product handledConnection systems


Connection systems

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Food industry versions available

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