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Pneumatic conveying - Dense phase vacuum conveying - Detached filter

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Pneumatic conveying Palamatic Process bulk handling

Dense phase vacuum conveying with detached filter

A separating cyclone (offset filter) is coupled with a pneumatic conveying cyclone. The separating cyclone is fitted with a reintroduction nozzle for collecting aspirated fines continuously and for using them again in the process.

From a flow rate point of view, the introduction of a separating filter allows to eliminate filter cleaning cycles (10% of a cycle time on average).


Pneumatic conveying Palamatic Process bulk handling
Main functions :
1 - Cyclonic: air/product separation
2 - Storage: recapture of the material, preservation of expansion volume
3 - Finishes: separation and protection of the vacuum element
4 -  Reintroduction of the fines into the process or fines recovery in a dedicated hopper.


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Equipment advantages

- No product loss: reintroduction of the powders into the process
- Implementation in harsh environments: loading of reactors in hazardous areas: protection of the filter against emanation of vapors, gas and dust area ATEX certification
- High rate process: optimisation of the cyclonic efficiency,  reduction of pressure losses, continuous unloading
- Difficult product conveying: protection of the filtering system, no clogging in the filter 


View our equipment in videos

Dense phase vacuum pneumatic conveying VFlow®

Range of vacuum pneumatic conveying systems

Pressure phase pneumatic conveying loading line with integrated dosing

Skid for reactor feeding with integrated dosing

Mobile unit - Suction tube for drum and sack discharging

Pneumatic conveying - Vacuum cyclone

Dense phase pneumatic conveying

View our equipment in photos

pneumatic conveying detached dust collector

Pneumatic conveying with detached filter

Multi-drain points for a coating reactor. Pneumatic conveyor for resins, polymers, talc and silicas

pneumatic conveying detached filter

Detached filter on pneumatic conveying

Automatic loading of reactors with raw materials and dosing system.

bulk handling pneumatic conveying palamatic process

Salt and sugar processing line

High throughput processes: optimization of cyclonic efficiency, reduction of pressure drops, continuous discharging

dense phase vacuum pneumatic conveying palamatic process

Dense phase vacuum pneumatic conveying

Implementation in difficult environments: supply of reactors in explosive areas (ATEX).

bulk material conveying

Feeding of an extruder with polymer

Handling of difficult materials: protection of the filtration system, no clogging of the filter. 

chemistry industry dense phase vacuum pneumatic conveying

Chemical powder pneumatic conveying

Granules, metallic powders or fats, the VFlow® range ensures the conveying of more than 95% of existing powdery materials

dense phase vacuum conveying bulk

Hopper feeding with pneumatic conveying

Pneumatic conveying performs several functions, thus minimizing the number of equipment required. 

vacuum pneumatic conveying packaging line

Powder and bulk material pneumatic conveyor

Installation of a big bag emptying station for feeding 3 storage silos in vacuumed pneumatic conveying.

The station is mounted on load cells and is fitted with a conveying screw allowing the material to be dosed.

vacuum pneumatic conveying bulk handling

Pneumatic vacuum conveyor of powders and bulk materials

Bulk materials pneumatic conveying at the outlet of an atomization tower.

pneumatic conveying handling

Detached filter on pneumatic conveyor

VFlow® with detached filter. The separator cyclone is coupled to the pneumatic conveying cyclone

bulk powder pneumatic conveyor palamatic process

Pneumatic conveying system for big bag filling

Pneumatic conveyor on a big bag filler.

pneumatic conveyor

Bulk materials pneumatic conveying

Pneumatic solutions for bulk conveying applications.

Vidange de conteneur avec transfert pneumatique

Container discharging with pneumatic conveying

Integrated equipment:

- Pneumatic conveying - Dense phase vacuum conveying - Detached filter

- Dense phase vacuum pneumatic conveying VF05

- Steel/Stainless steel storage container 

- Container discharging - IbcFlow01

bulk powder pneumatic conveyor palamatic process

Detached filter pneumatic conveyor

- Securing industrial production lines

- Improvement of operators' working conditions, cleanliness and productivity.

pneumatic conveying detached filter

Pneumatic conveyor with detached filter - Manufacture of adhesives

Feeding of raw material processes (granules, food powders...).

pneumatic conveying detached filter

Detached filter on pneumatic conveyor

Pneumatic conveying of dust from filtration systems.


Technical specification

Models Rate in m³/h Piping Ø
in mm
Filtering surface
in m²
Cyclone outlet Ø
in mm
Cyclone height
in mm
VF DEP 02 2 50 5 200 600
VF DEP 04 4 65 8 200 780
VF DEP 06 6 80 12 200 1,431
VF DEP 08 8 100 18 250 1,850
VF DEP 10 10 125 26 300 2,200

Particle sizes: 5 – 3 mm
Average level of vacuum: 500 mbar absolute
Cyclonic efficiency: > 99.5%
Manufacturing materials: 304L stainless steel, 316L stainless steel
Available finishes: outside microblasting, inside electropolishing, inside mirror polishing
Filtering medias: PTFE, antistatic PTFE, FDA certified
ATEX certification: zone II 1,2,3 GD (less than 3 mJ EMI).

Vacuum pneumatic conveying with detached filter drawing
Case studies
  • Reactors loading

    Processed bulk material: lithium fluoride - Reactor loading - High performance pneumatic vacuum conveying with dosing container for incorporation into pressurized reactors. Our customer, a Chinese...

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production line palamatic process

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