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Discharge and conveying of feed additives into storage silos

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Case study reference :
Discharging and conveying of feed additives to storage silos

Processed powders: food additives

Animal feed

Specialist in additives for animal feed.

Objectives of the project:

Modernize and automate production to increase production rates by four times, while meeting high containment requirements thanks to a bulk bag and bag emptying system with dilute phase pneumatic conveying at a rate of 6t./hour into several tanks.

The Palamatic Process line includes a unique combined bag and bulk bag loading system, the Duopal®, which allows the production to handle bulk bags using a hoist and bags by allowing very easy access to the cuff. The bag loading hopper has a bag loading table equipped with rounded edges that allow the operator to untie the bulk bag without twisting or stepping.

This combined station is connected to an industrial dust collection system that has been set up near the station.

The pneumatic conveying dilute phase pressure conveying 6 t./h. is said to be in diluted phase because the air/product mixture is done by means of a valve and a blower. The very abrasive nature of some materials means that this equipment has been manufactured with spaced and pressurized bearings, stator and cast-iron flanges with anti-abrasion chrome plating. The trilobal type booster is provided with a pressure valve to avoid pressure build-up in the pipe, which is associated with clogging. The pipework is made of steel with elbows made of the same material but fitted with concrete backs suitable for handling abrasive materials and thus avoiding repeated maintenance. Switches are made by pinch valves equipped with cast iron flanges. The sleeves themselves are made of natural anti-abrasion rubber.

Downstream of the pinch valves, Ni-Hard No. 2 cast iron washers refocus the material to reach the nominal diameter of the pipes.

The air/product separation is ensured by means of a single dust collection line that recovers suspended fines by means of nozzles mounted on each of the accumulation hoppers while being used as a vent line.

Results obtained:

The Duopal® combined bag and bulk bag loading station has saved substantial space while allowing the loading of a large variety of raw materials.



Big bag & sack discharging - Untying box - Duopal DP0

Unlacing cabinet, Sack discharging unit, Big bag discharging unit

Built-in dust collector

Dust collection or vacuum applications, Flanged directly to equipment, Easy and low cost maintenance

Pinch valve VMP

Complete shut off or flow control

Pneumatic conveying - Dilute phase pressure conveying - 7 models

Bulk materials, High rate flow, Long distance conveying
production line palamatic process

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