Drum manipulator

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A market leader for 20 years in terms of powder handling, designing, manufacturing and installing handling systemsPALAMATIC PROCESS is today unmatched in the world of suction lifting.

Thanks to the use of PALAMATIC PROCESS handling systems, the load is lifted without effort by one operator. When the content of drums must be unloaded directly onto the process, our lateral suction system enables to rotate the drum fully. Palamatic Process has also developed a self-balance system compensate for the loss of weight during the unloading process. With our many options available, the operator can unload the content of drums either completely or partially.

Main advantages

  • Effortless lifting
  • Greater productivity
  • Increased operators safety
  • Increased operators performance
  • The system requires very little maintenance, and offers high efficiency
  • Drums handling is a problem for many industries

Optimal safety

A safety system is integrated to all systems, protecting the operator in case of a power failure: the tube is released slowly, and the load is placed slowly on the floor. There is no risk of load fall.

Common applications

  • Pallet loading and unloading (drum taken from above)
  • Pallet preparation to feed into the process
  • Drum unload directly onto hoppers, reactors or mixers manhole


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