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Drum discharging system - DrumFlow®03

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    Drum discharging tipper bulk materials

    DrumFlow® 03 - Drum emptying by tilting secure:

    The drum tipper allows the tilting of your drums while guaranteeing the safety of the operator. The locking system prevents the cycle from starting as long as the door is open. 

    For your safety: 

    • Protective grid: positioned on the motor side of the tipper, it guarantees the safety of the operator.
    • Locking system: it prevents the cycle from starting as long as the door is open
    • Control system: the control is carried out by pushbutton switches.
    • Safety space: Inserted between the conveyor and the tipper, it avoids any risk of collision and ensures the reliability of the installation
    • Rate
    • Containment
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    Equipment advantages

    - Compatible with drums equipped with bags

    - Possible applications for toxic products

    - Adaptable to all types of drums and cans

    - Maximum containment chamber

    - All formats

    - No handling of the drum

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    Drum tipper with roller conveyor - DrumFlow®03

    Drum tipper - DrumFlow® 03

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    drum dumper palamatic process

    Tipping over

    This drum emptying system is compatible with drums with pockets.

    drum dumper atex

    Drum conveyor

    A motorized roller conveyor is used to direct the drums to the emptying area.

    drum tipping palamatic process

    Drum tipping Palamatic Process

    The drum tilting control is carried out by "held" push buttons; the cycle stops if the operator releases one of the two buttons.

    industrial drum tipper

    Drum discharging

    Once the drum has been emptied, it returns to its initial position under the operator's control.

    drum discharging

    Barrel dump station

    Emptying of drums of activated carbon into a reactor in a contained manner.

    drum dumper bulk materials palamatic process

    Drum dumper

    Emptying of cadmium oxide drums for feeding the manufacturing process.

    drum dumper toxic bulk materials

    ATEX drum discharging

    The drum tipper is suitable for toxic applications and can be adapted to all types of drums.

    tube lifter drum dumping

    Drum manipulator

    Suction lifting tube for handling industrial drums.

    drum dumper bulk handling

    Paper drum discharging

    Drum emptying system for industrial process feeding in the paper industry.

    Technical specification

    Examples of results obtained:

    Rate 1 drum/ 2 min
    Capacity 180 kg/ drum
    Manufacturing materials Painted steel/stainless steel structure
    Inclination Up to 180°
    Tilting of the drum

     Electric motor 5,5 kW

    Typical procedure:

    - Installation of the drums on the infeed conveyor

    - The drums are directed gravitarily towards the emptying area

    - The first drum is placed against the positioning stops; rubber buffers allow the drum to be accommodated without impact

    - Once the drum is positioned, the operator can start the turning cycle. The cycle is controlled by two push buttons for raising and two push buttons for lowering. The tilting is ensured by a gearmotor. The mobile assembly comes into contact with the rubber bumpers

    - Once drained, the assembly returns to its initial position under the operator's control.

    - The operator can then manually move the drum to the docking station for the soiled drums.

    Example of installation

    drum discharging tipper implantation
    drul discharging tipper implantation
    • Automated drum dumper

      Powder processed: wet ground powder - Automated drum dumper - Dumping and discharging of drums of wet ground powder at a rate of 40 drums/hour.
    • Oil filter recycling

      Handled products: oil filters - Oil filter recycling - Recycling installation for a company involved in waste management
    • Multi-format tipper

      Product treated: drained automotive filters - Our client specializes in the collection and treatment of industrial wastes.
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