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Drum discharging system - DrumFlow® 04

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drumflow 04 palamatic process

Drum discharging system - DrumFlow® 04

The drum tipper allows a completely confined emptying by capping and tight connection. This equipment is suitable for the handling of chemicals

A mechanized roller conveyor transports the drums towards the unloading station. Positioning stops are provided. Once the drum is positioned, the operator can start the tipping cycle.
The capping cycle consists of mounting the drum to the stop on the capping cone. The drum is then pinched between the tray and the styling cone. Bars attached to the cone penetrate the drum to prevent the internal bag from turning over during tipping.

Then, the turning cycle is to rotate the whole barrel + styling cone with  drain piping  . This tipping is provided by the second cylinder. The mobile assembly comes into contact with the rubber studs provided for this purpose.
The end of the drain piping is vertical at the end of tilting and it enters a socket joint, located on the powder inlet of the hopperOnce drained, the mobile assembly returns to its initial position by performing the 2 reverse tilting and stripping movements. A push cylinder allows the drum to be transferred to the motorized conveyor.

The entire drum tipper can be installed inside a safety enclosure, preventing any cycle start as long as the door of the enclosure remains open. This cabin, equipped with an access door, also optimizes the containment of the emptying station. It is also possible to install a glove box to allow the opening of the drums without entering the cabin.

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Equipment advantages

- Total containment

- No drum handling

- Applications CMR toxic product


View our equipment in videos

Drum tipping - DrumFlow®04

View our equipment in photos

dumping of bulk materials from drums palamatic process

Unloading bulk materials from drums

The drum tipper with a docking cone for total containment.

dumping of bulk materials from drums palamatic process

Drumflow 04 - Tipping over & sealed capping

Emptying by tilting and capping the drum.

dumping of bulk materials from drums palamatic process

Powder drum discharging

The capping of the drum is done by raising the frame on the containment cone.

drum dumper palamatic process

Automated drum tipping

Automated drum turner on a carbonate packaging line.

dumping of bulk materials from drums palamatic process

Drum unloading - DrumFlow® 04

The containment chamber for the drum tipper guarantees a healthy working atmosphere.

drum dumper bulk materials palamatic process

DrumFlow® 04 - Tipping cradle

The drum tipper with containment cabinet for safety during material unloading operation.

dumping of bulk materials from drums palamatic process

Drum unloading system

Capping cone and tipping cradle for the contained connection during materiel discharge out of the drum.

sealed drum dumping

Contained drum emptying

Glove box for drum discharging station to protect the operator from possible toxic powders.

drum dumper toxic bulk materials

ATEX Drum discharging

The tight capping of the DrumFlow® 04 drum emptying system ensures a safe and healthy installation.

tube lifter drum dumping

Drum manipulator

The drum manipulator is used to move drums and barrels safely without any effort on the part of the operator.

drum dumper atex

Drum conveyor

Automated deconditioning line for animal flour stored in drums.

industrial drum tipper

Industrial drum tipper

The maximum loading capacity of the drum tipper is 250 kg.

drum discharging

Drum discharging

Our handling systems make it easy to lift drums, turn drums over and empty drums.

dumping of bulk materials from drums palamatic process

Automatic drum discharging

The containment of the drum emptying station ensures a healthy working atmosphere.

dumping of bulk materials from drums palamatic process

Tipping head barrel

The operator can completely or partially empty the contents of the drums into the hoppers, reactors or manholes of industrial mixers.


Technical specification

Examples of results obtained:

Rate 1 drum / 4-5 min
Capacity 250 kg/ drum
Manufacturing materials Painted steel/stainless steel structure
Inclination Up to 180°
Tilting of the drum Electric motor 7,5 kW
Drum capping Pneumatic cylinder with overpressure leak test
Connection to the drain By low pressure inflatable seal
Butterfly drain valve DN150
Flow aid Fluidizer on drain cone, vibrator on cone and drum bottom


Typical operating mode :

Step 1: Installation of the drum on the infeed conveyor and on the tipping chair

Step 2: Drum capping by mounting the chair on the containment cone. The internal forks of the cone prevent the reversal of the bag. 
Step 3: Tipping of the drum

Step 4: Connection to the hopper with an inflatable seal and open the drain valves.

Example of installation

example drum discharging tipper
example2 drum discharging tippe
Case studies
  • Bag and drum handling

    Processed powder: Potassium Bi-Fluoride - Drum and bag handling in the nuclear sector: 25kg kraft paper bags with an inner liner and 90kg drums with an inner liner.
  • Contained discharge of chemical powder

    Processed powder: sodium methylate - Contained discharge of chemical powder - The process consists in safely unloading drums containing sodium methylate in a Class 1 / Division 2 hazardous environment...
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