Super sack filling systems - FlowMatic® 01

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Contained loading of all types of super sacks

The design office PALAMATIC PROCESS has developed a complete range of super sacks (FIBC, big bag, jumbo bag, bulk bag) filling stations to meet the needs of different industries dealing with powder handling. The bulk bag filler FlowMatic®01 is the effective solution for bulk bag filling systems of bulk materials.
The super sack filler FlowMatic®01 model integrates a containment inflating seal and a structure with adjustable height. The manually adjustable structure enables to package super sacks of different heights depending on the density of the products handled. The filling head is double envelope designed to ensure the balancing of volumes and thus avoid emanation of dust in the atmosphere.


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Bulk bag filler FlowMatic operating mode:
Big_bag_installation_step1.jpg   Big_bag_filling_head_step2.jpg   Big_bag_filling_operation_step3.jpg   Big_bag_on_pallet_step4.jpg
Installation of the super sack on the loading structure   Fixing of the filling spout on the inflating seal   Filling of the super sack: loading of the powder   End of filling, super sack ready
Big_bag_evacuation_with_fork_lift_step5.jpg   Evacuation_with_pallet_truck_step5.jpg        
Evacuation of the super sack with lift truck or Evacuation of the super sack with pallet truck        



big bag filling by conveying system big bag filling system palamatic bag filling system with hopper palamatic bag filling station fibc preforming bag filling system by feeding rotative valve palamatic bag filling station automatic line palamatic process octabin-filling-system-station-palamatic-process.jpg bag filling station inflating seal palamatic fibc filling system inflating seal access platform on fibc conditioning system loading tube fibc filling unit automated production line big bag filling unit access platform for big bag filling unit big bag and drum industrial mobile filling unit big bag and drum mobile filling system big bag and drum mobile filling unit big bag bagging system big bag filling unit palamatic process drum mobile filling unit fibc filling unit palamatic bulk-bag-filler.jpg bulk-handling-systems.jpg bulk-material-handling.jpg bulk-material-handling-equipment.jpg super-sack-loader.jpg


Product code : FlowMatic® 01

Palamatic standard versions are available with short delivery times. The filling system for super sacks Flowmatic ® 01 allows conditioning of all types of super sacks with heights up to 2 400mm. We deal with all kinds of super sacks (FIBC, IBC): simple envelope / double envelope / inner liner / partitioned super sacks  / anti-static big bag...

specifications bag filling systems fibc flowmatic 01 palamatic

1. Round shape forks

2. Supporting structure

3. Width adjustment

4. Inflating seal

5. Filling tube

Equipments included in the model Flowmatic ® 01:

round fork for fibc loading

Round version forks for hooking of the handles of the big bag: provides easier sliding of the straps of the big bag and optimization of the hygiene.

fork for hooking handles big bag Palamatic

"U" version forks for hooking the handles of the super sacks : allows the evacuation of the bulk bag by the straps directly by using the a forklift (no use of palette).

supporting structure

 Supporting structure: the supporting structure of the super sack is manually adjustable in height for greater flexibility.

fork width adjustment station big bag Palamatic

Width adjustment: the distance between the hooking forks for the big bags straps are adjustable in width providing flexibility to the station. The adjustment of the forks  optimizes both filling but also the stability of the big bag on the pallet.

inflating seal

Inflating seal: the connecting inflating seal ensures complete sealing of the big bag during its filling.

double envelop designed filling head

Filling head: the filling head is double envelop designed and allows the balancing of the volumes. The air charged is discharged via the degassing line which can be connected to the dedusting network.



tension cylinder

Tension cylinder for super sack

The big bag filling unit integrates on the back of the structure a pneumatic cylinder to adjust the tension of the big bag.
As the filling goes, compression of the pneumatic cylinder ensures the big bag laying on the handling pallet (or vibrating table) to ensure stability of the big bag. The positioning of the actuator can be modified to adapt to different heights of big bags.

weight cell on fibc filling unit

Integrated dosing / weighing on bulk bag filling unit

We incorporate load cells and operator interface for packaging bulk bags in a very precise way.
Our bagging systems ensure you commercial weighing. Protected integration of the load cells warrants to you excellent lifetime of the equipment.
Additional options specific to super sack weighing such as Profibus communication mode or weighing ticket printing can be integrated.
Our partners are: Precia Molen, Sartorius, Master-K, Mettler Toledo, Philips, Siemens, Vishay Nobel.

vibrating table

Vibrating table

In order to deaerate the product, a vibrating table with two electric motors optimizes the filling.

automatic release of the big bag

Automatic release of the bulk bag

Four articulated hooks are located on the structure. The pneumatic cylinder actuated by the controller drives the tilting of the hook at the end of dosing.


fibc conveyor palamatic

Automatic evacuation conveyor of the super sack

The big bag, placed on the pallet, is evacuated by a motorized roller conveyor, thereby maximizing production.

pallet unstacker

Pallet unstacker on super sack filling line

In order to automate the super sack filling station, we propose the implementation of an automatic pallet unstacker.
Stacked pallets are stored and then fed one by one in the filling unit using a motorized conveyor.

access platform fibc charging unit

Operator access platform

It facilitates access to the upper part of the loading unit to permit the closing of the filling spout of the flexible container.


mobile big bag filling unit

Mobile super sack filling unit

Bagging stations can integrate handling scabbards allowing the handling of the whole unit with a transpallet or a lift truck.
These mobile big bag loading systems can condition big bags under separate feeding points or under truck loading bellows.
Versions with rails and wheels are also standard in Palamatic.

grounding clamp

Grounding clamp

Bonding strips are fitted to the entire system. A rapid connexion point allows the grounding of the big bags carrying an equipotential bonding of the whole unit.

fibc welding machine

Super sack welding machine

Once the super sack is filled, it is evacuated and the sleeve is closed. A thermo-welding system allows the realization of a tight seal of the big bag, by the action of heating claws on the internal bag of the fibc. Welding technologies are adaptable according to the characteristics of the big bag (aluminum inner liner).

fan on big bag filling unit

Shaping of the super sack

The fan, fitted on the main structure, ensures the shaping of the big bag.

It facilitates the filling of big bags fitted with an inner liner (PE or aluminized).

A by-pass valve completes the aeraulic line for degassing fines, captured by the double envelope tube during the conditioning phase.

hook for one handle big bag

Hook for super sack with one handle

The equipment can be designed to accommodate big bags with one handle. Specific holding hook allows the positioning of the handle. This hook is located on the structure for height adjustment, thus keeping the flexibility of the system.

A bent feeding tube completes the system to keep the super sack upright, ensuring optimum filling.


big bag filling unit palamatic

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