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Additives feeding for extrusion line

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Case study reference:
Extrusion line for feeding additives

Processed products: plastics granules

Compounding line


Manufacturer of plastic granules, compounding by extrusion

Big bag emptying

Installation of a big bag and Flowbin emptying station containing powdery or granulated powders in a buffer hopper.

The objective is to ensure that the containers can be emptied in a contained manner and that the same workstation can be used for both types of containers.

This workstation is positioned in an ATEX 22 environment.

The stand for container and big bag is removed by a forklift truck.

The tight connection (without material leakage) between the container and the buffer hopper is ensured by a socket joint whose flange is directly welded on the "top" of the hopper (without risk of pinching for the operator).

Pneumatic conveying line:

On its industrial production line, at the end of the extrusion line, this company wished to install a system to ensure the transport of plastic granules taken from the screening outlet towards a bagging buffer hopper.

These granules can be of different kinds. Indeed, the length, diameter, masses, surface condition may differ. The intrinsic properties of the material granules such as friction resistance, hardness, temperature and sliding coefficient are different. 

The pneumatic conveying is carried out without the formation of fines, dust or other filaments/angel hair.

The granules are not degraded or damaged during the pneumatic conveying phase.

The buffer hopper then supplies the big bag filling system.

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