Fluidization plates

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To keep product moving during long periods of storage

With the semi-convex form of the long-lasting polymer fluidization plates, the air is expulsed at an extensive emission angle covering the entire white surface.

Operating mode

Fluidization plates are used as a preventive measure. Many materials have perfect flow as long as a certain quantity of air is added at regular intervals during silo unloading operations. The material enriched with air achieves the desired fluidity. This prevents bridges, chimneys, lumps and deposits.

In a single line installation, fluidization plates are widely used for materials such as cement. More sophisticated applications with the lines fed in alternation are used, for example, for calcium hydroxide in storage and proportioning installations where fluidization is used not only when extracting the materials from the silo but also to maintain the material in movement during long periods in storage.


  • Suitable for cement, lime, and similar materials
  • Operating temperature: -20°C + 80°C
Operating pressure (material dependant)
with dehumidified air
0.2 bar

Air consumption

0.12 m³/h à 0.2 bar


250 g


Additional equipment

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