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Polyethylene - Plastic container

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Polyethylene container palamatic process - Bulk material and powder handling

Polyethylene - Plastic container: stoage of raw ingredients, powders and bulk materials

Storage, packing and transport of food grade materials.

Capacity: 1,000 et 1,800 liters
Slide valve or butterfly valve discharge.

Polyethylene IBC container range

IBC Containers® has developed a range of IBC containers made of plastic material for the transport, storage and dosing of a large variety of powders and bulk materials. The advantage of polyethylene containers is that they are durable through years and reduce handling costs. Thanks to their plastic manufacturing, these IBCs are ideal for food applications. The polyethylene IBC container is also an interesting solution for wet products due to its resistance to mold and sea salt exposition.


polyethylene container drawing


  • Hygiene

Equipment advantages

- Storage hopper with slopes at 60° to facilitate the flow of materials

- Removable base for replacement

- Stackable containers

- Easy handling and maintenance

- Different choice of drain valves 

- Corrosion resistance


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Monitored discharge of the container

The capacity range of our storage containers is from 500 liters to 2,500 liters.

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IBCPOLY - polyethylene storage container

IbcPoly - Butterfly valve or slide valve

For the packing and conveying of food grade bulk materials and raw ingredients.

polyethylene container 1000 liters

1,800 liters polyethylene container

These all-plastic shipping containers are rotomoulded and particularly suitable for the food, pharmaceutical and other industries using container bulk handling.

industrial polyethylene container storage

1,800 liters polyethylene container

Moulded in FDA polyethylene.

atex industrial container

ATEX version container with reduced resistivity

Palamatic Process storage containers are designed for the transport, storage and dosage of bulk materials.

polyethylene container 1800 liters

Storage container manufactured in polyethylene

This polyethylene container is an alternative to the use of bigs bags, stainless steel tanks and hoppers.

industrial polyethylene palamatic process

Capacity 1,800 liters - Polyethylene container

Packing hopper with slopes at 60° to facilitate the flow of materials.

industrial polyethylene storage container

Polyethylene container

Handling of the container is carried out by forklift truck and pallet truck.

industrial polyethylene container

Industrial container Palamatic Process

All powder and bulk storage equipment can be configured according to your requirements. The Palamatic Process design office is able to suggest very specific solutions.

industrial storage container

Industrial storage container

Industrial container at the outlet of an automatic sack discharging processing line.

industrial storage container polyethylene

Storage container on discharging station

Powder and bulk storage container: capacities of 1,000 and 1,800 liters.
Discharge by guillotine valve or butterfly valve.

polyethylene storage container

Stackable polyethylene storage container

  • Easy handling of the container by forklift truck and pallet truck
  • Possibility of stacking two containers on top of each other
  • No corrosion
industrial polyethylene storage container

Plastic storage container

Floor protection
Economic price
Food grade material
Complete hygiene through thorough cleaning


Technical specification

Type Container 1,000 liters Container 1,800 liters
Dimensions 1,180 x 1,180 x 1,780 mm 1,180 x 1,180 x 2,280 mm
Volume 1,100 liters maximum 1,000 kg 1,800 liters maximum 1,000 kg
Weight 165 kg 190 kg
Manufacturing LLDPE (food grade) LLDPE (food grade)
Hopper slope 60 degrees 60 degrees
Top 400 mm, screw-on lid, lead sealing possible 400 mm, screw-on-lid, lead sealing possible
Accessories Ventilation valve
ID plate
Ventilation valve
ID plate

- Butterfly valve: outer casing
in aluminum and AISI304 butterfly
- AISI304 butterfly valve
- AISI316 butterfly valve
- PE slide valve

- Butterfly valve: outer casing
in aluminum and AISI304 butterfly
- AISI304 butterfly valve
- AISI316 butterfly valve
- PE slide valve

DN 50:
- AISI316 butterfly valve
- Spherical valve core valve PP

DN 80:
- AISI316 butterfly valve


Available options

  • Polyethylene container - Bulk material and powder handling
    Polyethylene container - Bulk material and powder handling

    Slide valve

    Slide valves allow bulk materials to be cut off by means of the central blade, which cuts off the flow of the powder and provides a total seal.

  • Butterfly valve on polyethylene container - Bulk material and powder handling
    Butterfly valve on polyethylene container - Bulk material and powder handling

    Butterfly valve aluminum manufacturing

    Butterfly valve : Discharge, tightness and sealing of containers, hoppers or silos.

    From Ø 100 to Ø 400 mm.

  • Butterfly valve on polyethylene container - Bulk material and powder handling
    Butterfly valve on polyethylene container - Bulk material and powder handling

    Stainless steel butterfly valve

    Stainless steel disc with FDA approved seal for the food industry.


Case studies
  • Spice production

    Processed powder: paprika - Spice production - Industrial company specialized in the treatment of food additives. The purpose of the installation is to sieve the paprika powder for repacking into...
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Additional equipment

Steel-Stainless steel IBC container

Dust-tight handling, Flexibility, Storage

IBC Container washing machine

The washing cycles are programmable according to the bulk materials...

Slide valve

Extraction and gravity dosing

Butterfly valve

Container, hopper or silo closure containing powdered or granulated...

IbcFlow®01 IBC Container discharging

Containment, Optimization of the flow
production line palamatic process

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