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Steel-Stainless steel IBC container

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industrial container palamatic process

Steel & stainless steel IBC containers - Storage of your bulk materials and powders

Storage and conditioning solutons for bulk materials with high hygienic constraints

Steel-Stainless steel IBC container range


IBC Containers® stainless steel IBC containers are metallic conditioning solutions for the transport, storage and dosage of your powders and bulk materials. Our IBC containers are designed to meet performance, ergonomics and design requirements.


container palamatic process

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 to container solutions: 


Palamatic Process designs and manufactures filling and discharge systems for rigid stainless steel containers in optimized containment.

Our IBC container solutions allow  to work by lot or batch and offer excellent traceability of your materials. In addition, IBC Containers® centralizes its efforts in designing handy and easy to use materials. The IBC container has 60°slopes and all edges are rounded to avoid retention of the powders. Its supporting structure allows transport by forklift and pallet truck. 

This type of powder IBC container is fitted with a butterfly valve that can be operated by a handle or suction cane.

The valve is located inside the IBC container, which protects it from any damage that may be caused by the forks of the forklift truck.

Once the IBC container is in place, a pneumatic cylinder operates the bottom valve and allows the materials to be discharged. The container unloading station can be connected to all conveying systems or to all possible production lines with high containment.

Custom-made IBC containers : IBC Containers that comply with specific constraints

Faced with various industrial constraints, the Palamatic Process engineering office offers customized IBC container solutions to meet the needs of its customers. Their design can be simple or sophisticated depending on the nature of the powders to handle.
IBC containers are at the center of Palamatic Process powder handling system. Designed for rapid operations of filling and discharging with cleaning systems, containers are used to simultaneously implement manufacturing process for optimum production.

Palamatic Process containers are adequate solutions for:
• Transport safety of materials in complete between every stage of production process, without any risk of cross contamination
• The transfer of material from the IBC container to the downstream process equipment without dust emanation
• Easy handling of containers that can be moved by forklifts or hoists.


ATEX certification Palamatic Process
  • Buffer storage
  • Filling, discharge, weighing
  • Continuous and controlled dosing
  • Steel or 304 & 316 Stainless steel
  • ATEX...


Example of installation:

The container has slopes of 60º and all corners are rounded. The support structure of the container allows transport by forklift truck and pallet truck. The diameter of the top cover is 500 mm in diameter.


container steel stainless steel implantation Palamatic Process
Stainless steel container implementation
  • Hygiene
  • Automation
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Equipment advantages

- Stacking on 3 heights

- Hopper with 62° slope to facilitate the flow of materials

- Secure drain valve 

- Lifting hooks for overhead handling

- Handling by trolley, stacker or pallet truck 

- Handling by the 4 sides

- Corrosion resistance


View our equipment in videos

Container filling station IbcFlow® 01

Industrial container filling head IbcFill® 01

To ensure a dust-tight filling of your containers.

Monitored discharge of the container

The capacity range of our storage containers for bulk materials is from 500 liters to 2,500 liters.


View our equipment in photos

Container by Palamatic Process

Steel container by Palamatic Process

Industrial steel storage container by Palamatic Process.

Conteneur acier inox Palamatic Process

Stainless steel container Palamatic Process

Industrial stainless steel container Palamatic Process suitable for your production lines.

industrial storage container handling

Stainless steel container on roller conveyor

Stainless steel container with hooks for easy lifting.

automatic sack opening

Industrial storage containers on a discharging line

- Automatic sack opening machine Varislit®

- Sack tube lifter

- Steel & stainless steel containers

container dust tight connection

Container docking with sealing gasket

Airtight connection head. A butterfly valve or knife gate valve is also installed to regulate the flow rate.

dust tight connexion industrial container

Dust-tight connexion on container

No dust emissions thanks to the airtight connections.

dustfree connexion industrial container

Dust-tight sealing on stainless steel container

No dust emissions thanks to the sealed connections.

dust tight connexion industrial container discharging

Connexion with dustfree sealing system

Pack and handle powdery products without deterioration and contamination.

loading spout container filling

Dust free connexion tube on container

Double envelope container filling head. Sealing of the connection prevents dust and loss of material.

container filling

Container filling station

Slope at 62° to facilitate the flow of bulk materials during discharging.

industrial bulk container filling palamatic process bulk handling solutions

Production line with container filling process

Automatic filling station for stainless steel containers.

The bulk container positioned on a rail is positioned under a dosing unit

bulk container filling palamatic process bulk materials

Filling of stainless steel container

For simple packing of bulk and powdery products.

stainless steel bulk container filling

Bulk material processing with industrial containers

The container filling station is suitable for bulk materials that are not sensitive, with low flow rates and facilitate s simple centering of the filling head on the container.

metallic bulk container filling palamatic process

Telescopic tube with FDA metal spirals

Double envelope container filling head. The sealing of the connection prevents dust emissions and loss of materials.

bulk container charging palamatic process

Container dust-tight filling with flexible connector

The container filling station is provided with a flexible fitting to avoid weighing interference.

storage container conditioner

Container discharging station IBC FLOW 01

For a controlled emptying of your bulk materials. The station ensures containment and flow optimization during container emptying.

dust tight telescopic connection tube

Automatic or manual container filling

Manual or automatic container filling stations provide precise dosing and total hygiene.

dust tight connexion

Dustfree connexion on industrial container

The butterfly valve regulates the flow of powders.

industrial container

Storage in containers of veterinary powders

For the packing and storage of bulk materials with high hygienic requirements.

industrial container bulk storage palamatic process

Industrial container for storage of dyes and pigments

Automatic dosing and filling of pigments for a plaster manufacturer.

industrial container filling bulk handling

Stainless steel container loading station

500, 1000, 1500, 1500, 1800, 2000 and 2500 liters as standard
Made of steel, stainless steel 304 and stainless steel 316 L
Custom made models available

dustfree container filling

Dust-tight filling of industrial containers

The IBC Containers® filling head allows you to connect a hopper to a container in a completely sealed manner to carry out a gravity transport of your bulk materials.

stainless steel container storage palamatic process

Stainless steel container for calcium carbonate

Packing of calcium carbonate for the manufacture of chalk.

industrial container bulk storage

Spices storage in industrial container

Packing of food spices (curry and paprika). The station collects spices from the industrial mixer. The spices are then sieved before packing in the steel-stainless container.

industrial container filling

Connexion tube for container loading

The container filling station connects to the storage container via the telescopic connection sleeve.

dust tight connection tube

Dust-tight telescopic filling tube

The presence of a socket joint ensures containment and provides high flow rates.

Vidange de conteneur avec transfert pneumatique

Container discharging station on pneumatic conveying line


- Dense phase vacuum pneumatic conveying with detached filter 

- Dense phase vacuum pneumatic conveying VFlow® 05

- Steel / Stainless steel container 

- Container unloading station IbcFlow® 01

industrial storage container bulk handling solutions

Container filling station

The operator lifts the bag using the manipulator. The bag is then unloaded into the discharge station. To complete the process, the powder is hygienically poured into the container

steel industrial storage

Steel manufacturing container

Storage containers on roller conveyor.

container powder storage

Storage containers in steel

The containers are filled from a big bag discharging station. 

container storage

Industrial container for bulk materials storgae

The industrial container is fed with powders through a flexible connector.

buffer hopper container

Buffer hopper manufactured in stainless steel

This industrial container is supplied with a butterfly valve that can be operated by a handle.
The valve is located inside the container, which protects it from any damage that may be caused by the forks of the forklift truck.

liquid formulation industrial container

Container on a liquid formulation line

These industrial stainless steel containers are part of an industrial production line including:

- 3 big bag discharging stations for 7 types of materials
- 3 stainless steel container for repacking and unloading stations
- 2 vacuum pneumatic conveying lines feeding 2 reactors

liquid formulation

Weighing system on container

The stainless steel industrial container is provided with 4 bin aerators on the conical part and an anti bridging device with spring and 2 motovibrators on the conical part.

stainless steel container

Wet powder stored in industrial container

The wet powder is packaged in stainless steel containers at the dryer outlet.

industrial container unloader

Discharge station for industrial containers

This equipment is intended for handling raw ingredients and bulk materials whose capacity must be adapted to your needs.

industrial storage container sugar handling

Sugar storage in containers

- Slopes of 60º and all corners rounded.

- Container support structure with base for forklift and pallet truck handling

- 500 mm diameter cover

industrial storage container sugar storage

Storage of sugar in industrial containers

Once the filling nozzle has been lowered onto the container and connected tightly (inflated seal), the vacuum pump is started, connected to the double jacket of the filling head, to remove the untreated air. The container discharge valve remains closed.

Industrial container filling station

Industrial storage

The storage container is positioned under a vibratory screener.

Storage container for chemical industry

Storage container for chemical industry

Stainless steel container for storing and packaging sensitive products

Container industrial chemical storage

Container industrial chemical storage

Hygienic storage of powders 

Storage container

Storage container

Custom made containers, contact us to realize your projects.

IBC 500 Palamatic Process

IBC 500 Palamatic Process

The system has been designed for the hygienic storage of powders.

Stainless steel container

Stainless steel container

The design of the container can be adapted according to the nature of the powders to be handled.


Technical specification

Dimensions :

Models (butterfly or slide valve) IBC 500 IBC 800 IBC 1000 IBC 1200 IBC 1500 IBC 2000
Water volume in liters* 500 800 1 000 1 200 1 500 2 000
Base dimensions in mm 1204x1204 1204x1204 1204x1204 1204x1204 1204x1204 1204x1204
Overall height in mm 1374 1567 1717 1867 2067 2417
Outlet Ø in mm 250 250 250 250 300 300

*10 to 20% decrease for the material volume

  Water volume Effective volume* Weight when empty (kg) ØA ØB Hd HT Hc Slope in °
IBC 500 573 474 215.5 300 575 0 1374 864 62
IBC 800 908 778 238 300 575 232 1567 864 62
IBC 1000 981 850 250 300 575 382 1717 864 62
IBC 1200 1343 1211.50 264 300 575 532 1867 864 62
IBC 1500 1632 1501 283 300 575 732 2067 864 62
IBC 1800 1909 1803 306.5 300 575 980 2314 864 62
IBC 2000 2138 2007 316.5 300 575 1082 2417 864 62



Available options

  • Industrial storage container - Bulk material and powder handling
    Industrial storage container - Bulk material and powder handling

    Stainless steel finishes

    Depending on powders and bulk materials to be treated and environments, we provide steel, 304L and 316L stainless steel manufacturing.

  • Industrial storage container - Bulk material and powder handling
    Industrial storage container - Bulk material and powder handling

    Multipurpose handling base

    To facilitate the handling of containers.
    Containers are handled via a pallet truck, a stacker, a forklift truck or a hoist.

  • Industrial storage container indentification - Bulk material and powder handling
    Industrial storage container indentification - Bulk material and powder handling

    Container identification palte / RFID chip

    Enables simple and efficient identification of your containers.
    This tracking system allows, in real time, to trace the containers and all the ingredients throughout the production process. It helps to reduce the risk of human error and offers the security of a quality manufacturing process.

  • Industrial storage container - Bulk material and powder handling
    Industrial storage container - Bulk material and powder handling

    Mirror polished or teflon interior coating

    For optimum flow of your materials without adherence to the walls.
    Interior Teflon coating or polished mirror finishes of the containers are options that prevent the adhesion of your bulk materials to the walls during the discharging operation.

  • Industrial storage container - Bulk material and powder handling
    Industrial storage container - Bulk material and powder handling

    Balancing valve

    Valve for evacuation and introduction of air according to the use of the container.
    The valve balances the pressure for the filling and discharging phases of the container.

  • Slide valve on storage container - Bulk material and powder handling
    Slide valve on storage container - Bulk material and powder handling

    Slide valve

    The slide valve is a closing and isolating industrial valve resistant to dust and bulk materials.
    The diameter of our valves can be adapted to any type of container.

  • Butterfly valve on storage container - Bulk material and powder handling
    Butterfly valve on storage container - Bulk material and powder handling

    Butterfly valve

    The butterfly valve allows the regulation of the material flow
    The actuation of the butterfly valve is carried out manually, with a lever or a steering wheel depending on the diameter of the valve.

  • Vibratory table - Bulk material and powder handling
    Vibratory table - Bulk material and powder handling

    Automatic discharge station for containers

    For efficient discharge of your industrial container.
    Containers associated with automatic discharge stations and fitted with knife gate valves can be remotely opened thanks to pneumatic actuators. A vibrating structure can be added to optimize the downflow of the powders.

  • Vibrating bin aerator - Bulk material and powder handling
    Vibrating bin aerator - Bulk material and powder handling

    Vibrating bin aerator

    The vibrating bin aerator facilitate the flow and the discharging of bulk materials.
    These vibrators can introduce nitrogen or air to ease the flow of the material by fluidizing it.

Case studies
  • Process of plasterboard production

    Processed powder: plaster - Process of plasterboard production - French company producing and selling plaster, products derived from plaster and products based on expanded polystyrene.
  • Rubber calendering line

    Processed powders: 2 references of carbon black (micro pearl) - Rubber calendering line - The facility includes 2 container discharge systems that supply 2 mixing lines with powdered carbon black.
  • Masterbatch and additives

    Processed powders: cobalt, calcium carbonate CaCo3, titanium dioxide TIO2 - Masterbatch and additives - Discharge of raw materials while maintaining a healthy atmosphere without pollution and without...
  • Washing powder

    Processed powder: laundry powder - Washing powder - This company was looking for a storage solution for humidified laundry powder with an apparent density of 1.3.
  • Pharmaceutical loading

    Processed powder: Sorbitol - Pharmaceutical loading - Manufacturing of basic pharmaceutical products, medicines
  • Cake mix

    Processed powders: modified starch, sodium bicarbonate, fat powder, whipping base, gelatin, milled sugar - Cake mix - Company based in Saudi Arabia that manufactures and distributes dry food materials...
  • Animal nutrition food supplements

    Processed powders: silica, clay, calcium carbonate, lithothamnium - Animal nutrition food supplements - This customer is a producer of specific mixtures of botanical extracts. In order to ensure its...
  • Premix manufacturing

    Processed powders: silica, wheat, carbonate - Premix manufacturing - The installation consists of a new mixing line for the production of natural additives for animal nutrition.
  • Handling of veterinary bulk solids

    Processed bulk solids: veterinary powders - Loading of veterinary powders - Company specialized in animal nutrition and health: workshop for the preparation and mixing of bulk material
  • Loading of ingredients for the production of beverage

    Processed materials: citric acid, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate... - Loading of ingredients for the production of beverage - This installation concerns a new production line in a new building of...
  • Preparation of spice mixtures

    Processed products: spices - Preparation of spice mixtures - The objective is a spice blending line with cleanability of the equipment and recipe flexibility.
  • Confined deconditioning, dosing and transfer of powders

    Processed powders: Minerals and additives (such as titanium dioxide) for the manufacture of paints - Emptying of big bags into mobile IBCs with dosing and transfer of the product to a mixer downstream...
  • Yogurt and cheese production line

    Processed products: milk powder - Yoghurt and cheese production line - The function of the equipment is to add milk powder mechanically in tanks.
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Polyethylene - Plastic container

Storage, Powders, Bulk materials storage, Food industry

Slide valve

Extraction and gravity dosing

Vibrating bin aerators VB/VBI, VBE, VBM

Powder handling solutions: our vibrating bin aerators combine a...

Butterfly valve VPP

Container, hopper or silo closure containing powdered or granulated...

IBC Container washing machine ECD

Deep cleaning, decontamination, no product retention
production line palamatic process

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