Gravity rotary valve

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Material extraction and dosing

Flow rates from 2.2 to 19.5 litres/rev.

They are ideally suited to control delivery or discharge of powder or pelletized products to and from silos, hoppers, pneumatic conveying systems, bag filters and centrifugal separators.

Main advantages

  • Compact, sturdy construction
  • Easy to access to internal mechanical parts
  • Atex
normes atex certified palamatic process
Models 150² 200² 250² 300²
Capacity / revolution in litres 2,2 5,4 10,9 19,5
Flange to flange height in mm 150x150 200x200 250x250 250x250



rotary valve cast iron palamatic rotary valve cast iron palamatic process rotary valve under hopper on big bag filling system rotary valve on fibc loading unit rotary valve for feeding and discharging powders palamatic rotary valve feeding a pneumatic conveying piping rotary valve rotary valve powder processing line gravity rotary valve automatic powder line dosing rotary valve


4 models :

  • 150²
  • 200²
  • 250²
  • 300²

They consist of a cast iron or stainless steel tubular body, a horizontal rotor closed by two lateral discs, a rotor with two compartments having a V-cross-section, a drive unit and casing cover at both ends.
According to applications, the rotary valves are fitted to allow rapid disassembly and easy cleaning. The contact surfaces can be polished. The Atex version, explosion and flame proof resistant are available.

Fill coefficient variable based on the material carried and the rotation speed :

         diagram technical characteristics


Type 150² 200² 250² 300²
Litres/rotation 2,2 5,4 10,9 19,5


Implantation ecluse passage integral

FIBC unloading unit, conveyor screw
and rotary valve to feed a reactor


logo atex

Atex zone 22/ 21/ 20 version

gravity rotary valve

Cast iron or 304 / 316L stainless steel construction, chrome-plated, nickel-plated, or teflon surface

scrapers gravity rotary valve

Sealing options

  • Scrapers manufactured with various materials to improve insulation
  • Sealing of bearings with lubricated gaskets
  • Sealing with braids
  • Separated bearings
rotary valve motorization

Motorization options

  • Direct drive by gear reducer or chain
  • Possibility of frequency inverter
  • High torque motor
  • Available without motor (bare shaft)
  • Thermistors on the motor
  • Forced ventilation
partialisation rotor ecluse

Flow rate options

  • Rotor capacity reduction
  • Standard gear 10 20 30

Unloading peanuts fibc into a mill stand

Fibc (big bag) discharging system into a mill stand

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big bag filling unit palamatic

Contained packaging line

Packaging cabin in Atex 20/22 contained area

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big bag unloading device atex 22

Big bag discharging in atex 22 zone

Contained big bag discharging unit to feed a reactor with activated carbon in Atex 22 zone

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Additional equipment