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Vibrating feeder

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vibrating feeder bulk handling palamatic process

Extraction and weighing by weight loss - Suitable for fragile and abrasive products:

Rate: up to 2 t./h.

Palamatic Process vibrating feeders allow dosing of fragile ingredients and abrasive materials.
Installed on load cells, vibrating feeder is used for loss-in-weight dosing.

The vibrating feeders consist of a vibrating base with the bulk material flow trough. The flow rates and accuracy can be adjusted to complement the dimensioning of the trough.
Flow rates: depending on the dimensions of the trough, the bulk material layer thickness is controlled by the adjustment flap positioned at the hopper outlet.


  • Dosage accuracy
  • Hygiene

Equipment advantages

- Dispatching of the dosed bulk material over a large width 

- Fast and effective cleaning


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Vibrating feeder Palamatic Process

View our equipment in photos

bulk handling vibrating feeder

Vibrating feeder for cereals

Feeding, mixing and packing in big bags of dried fruit.

vibrating feeder bulk handling process

Dried herbs on vibrating feeder

Under each of the 3 hoppers, a vibrating feeder supplies the loading conveyor of the mixer.

food processing belt conveyor

Belt conveyor fed by a vibrating feeder

Vibratory feeder for belt conveyor infeed:

- Gentle handling of raw materials

- High flexibility

- Easy to maintain

vibrating conveyor

Vibrating feeder

The vibrating dispenser is designed to ensure that the dispensed bulk material is distributed over a large width. 

vibrating feeder powder process

Vibrating feeder on belt conveyor

The vibrating feeder is used to dispense fragile ingredients. It is also suitable for handling abrasive bulk materials.

vibrating feeder bulk powder

Bulk materials feeding and weighing

Installed on load cells, the vibrating feeder is used for dosing by weight loss.

vibrating feeder peanuts

Food industry vibratory feeder

The vibrating feeder is generally used for the extraction of bulk materials stored in hoppers.

vibrating feeder peanuts

Packing line of dried fruit

Dosage, mixing and packaging in big bags of dried fruit.

vibrating feeder bulk handling

Vibratory feeder for capsules

A vibrating conveyor with integrated metal detection for capsule dosing.


Technical specification

- Dosing principle: gravimetric (loss-in-weight metering) or volumetric

- Dosing device: vibrating trough

- 3 widths: 80 to 250 mm.

- Feeding hopper and vibrating trough manufacturing: steel, stainless steel

- Volume of the feeding hopper: custom-made - Possibility of flow aid

- Rectangular or tubular extraction

- Possibility of powdering with output enlargement


Case studies
  • Preparation of dried fruit recipes

    Processed products: dried fruit - Preparation of dried fruit recipes - This installation involves the feeding of dried fruit to a mixer. The various dried fruits are stored in bags, boxes and big bags...
  • Mixing and packing of spices

    Processed powders: spice mixtures (curry...), tea and herbal tea blends, fine salt - Spice blending and bagging - Bagging station for packaging spice and powder blends in bags from 1 to 25kg.
  • Drum filling with chemical agents

    Processed materials: hydrazine hydrate derivative - Drum filling with chemical agents - The customer is the world leader in chemistry for the manufacture of building materials.
  • Candy transfer and packaging

    Processed products: sweets, candies, berlingots - Transfer and packaging of sweets - Objective: feeding of associative weigher upstream of the vertical packaging machine.


Screw feeder - 4 models from D10 to D13

Weight or volumetric dosing system, 24 to 6 458 liters/h.

Paldrum®03 drum filling system

Containment, Dosing, Commercial weighing, Conveying, Accumulation,...

Rotary valve DN

Stop or control the bulk materials flow, Sanitary applications,...

Industrial mill - 4 models

Powders micronization

Bag filling - PalSack®01

Weighing, Management of dosing speeds, Containment, Packaging for open...
production line palamatic process

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