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PalSack®01 Bag filling - Screw feeder

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PalSack®01 Bag Filling Station - Containment, accuracy, cleanability

Our PalSack® 01 bag filling system provides accurate dosing of dry material via an integrated screw feeder. The PalSack® 01 bag packaging machine can be used to fill all types of bags, such as: burlap, paper, plastic, open mouth, lined, single layer, double layer, microperforated, etc., and ranging in weight from 10 to 100 lbs. The obtainable production rates can reach up to 100 bags / hour.

The bagging machine offers many integrated features, such as: bag stitching, removing the internal liner, automatic weld sealing for water tight closure, motorized roller conveyor, vacuum bag lifter, etc.

Equipment Advantages:

  • A double jacketed filling head with an inflatable seal or clamping jaws for a secure connection and dust containment.
  • Loss-in-weight (LIW) or gain-in-weight (GIW) functionality
  • A dosing system adapted to your production and process requirements (precision, cleanability, flow rate, etc.)


Possible configurations of the PalSack®01 model:

  Ref. Available equipment Functions Advantages
Choice 1 J Inflatable seal Dust tight bag connections Maximum confinement
M Clamping jaws Quick bag connections Speed, ergonomic installation and multi-format bags
Choice 2  P Support tray Tension of the bag during filling Hygiene, height adjustment for adaptability to multi-format bags
C Motorized roller conveyor  Holding and evacuation of the bag during filling  Ergonomics, increased speed
Choice 3 Net Net weighing  Provides accurate amounts of the packaged product Accelerated rate (dosing in hidden time) / may require a double check weighing system
Gross Gross Weighing Weighing of the entire container and contents  Commercial weighing, traceability

Our PalSack®01 packaging machine is configurable by modulating the basic possible equipment: Choice 1 + Choice 2 + Choice 3.
Possible reference example: PalSack®01-J-P-Net

Choice 1: Two types of bag connection styles:

  • "J" Inflatable seal: This provides a completely dust tight connection. The double-envelope design balances the material to escaping air volumes. A hygienic design is possible for easy dismantling of all parts to be cleaned. 
  • M" clamping jaws: The docking of the bag by half-moon clamps is designed with an oval shaped fill head with two jaws actuated by a pneumatic cylinder. This connection method is recommended when filling bags that are suspended over the station.

Our engineering office can customize solutions for your automatic bagging machines according to your plant’s production and design requirements. Our team can work with you to offer tailor-made solutions, after visiting your site and upon receiving your precise specifications.

Palamatic Process also offers a range of semi-automatic or automatic bag filling systems for open mouth bags. The purpose of the bagging machine is to package powdered or granular products in open-mouth bags. The filling station is suitable for a large number of bags and is characterized by its ease of use.


  • Rate
  • Automation
  • Containment
Bag filling PalSack01 J-C-Brut


Bag filling PalSack®01 M-C-Brut


Bag filling PalSack01 J-P-Brut


Bag filling PalSack01 M-P-Brut


Bag filling PalSack01 J-C-Net


Bag filling PalSack®01 M-C-Net


Bag filling PalSack®01 J-P-Net


Bag filling PalSack01 M-P-Net


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Equipment advantages

- Minimized retention

- Compact design and cleanability of the system

- Rotary valve for product dosing

- Clamping ring

- Confinement


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Bag filling machine

Bagging station for packing spice mixtures

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bulk material handling sack filling system

Sack filling system

Sack filling industrial equipment for the food industry. Filling bags with milk and dairy powders.

sack packaging skid

Bag filling skid

Mobile bag filling station that can be moved by the forklift truck. The filling skid is equipped with an easyclean screw feeder.

bulk material handling sack packaging system

Palamatic Process bagging system

Sack filling system for the pet food industry.

sack filling palsack

Bag sealing system

The bag packaging line is equipped with a sealing system to ensure the containment of the packaged powder.

bulk material handling sack loading system

Sack filling line

Packaging of food powder at the outlet of an industrial vibratory sieve

sack filling system

Sack filling system

Packing of icing sugar at the outlet of an industrial mill.

sack filling line with weighing

Sack filling line with weighing

Industrial weighing system on bulk pigment packaging line.

belt conveyor sack automatic filling line

Automatic sack filling line with belt conveyor

Belt conveyor and bag packing line with integarted sealing machine for air tight closure of the bag.

big bag filling station bag positioning

Big bag filling station bag positioning

After filling, the bag is sealed and evacuated on a belt conveyor.

big bag filling station weighing

Bag filler station - commercial weighing

The bag filler is fitted with load cells that allow the gain in weight function of the flexible container.

industrial sack filling bulk handling

Industrial sack filling

Skid for packaging of ingredients at the outlet of the atomization tower.

industrial bagging tests

Integrated bag sealing equipment

Pulse bag sealing machine to weld the closure of the bag after the material filling phase.

bulk handling sack packaging system

Bag filling system - Filling head

The bag filling machine is fed with bulk material via a butterfly valve installed on the buffer hopper.

sack filling palsack paper

Sack filling system

The bag packing station is fed by a screw feeder.

sack filling skid

Sack filling skid

The electrical control cabinet is used to control the industrial production line.

sack filling palsack powder

Sack filling PalSack® - Powder processing

The filling head is provided with clamps to hold the bag during the filling phase.

filling head for big bags

Sack filling station with bag positioning

After the material filling cycle is complete, the bag is sealed and evacuated on a belt conveyor.

filling head for big bags

Filling head for sack charging station

The bag packer is fed via a flexible connection sleeve.

sack filling system palamatic process

PalSack®01 - Sack filling system

This bag filler uses a D13 model screw feeder with integrated agitator, to promote material flow. Positioned under the industrial mixer, it feeds the bag packing station with an accuracy of -/+ 20 grams.

weight management filling

Bag filling line with weight control

Process for conveying and conditioning flakes in the petrochemical sector.

sack filling automatic processing line

Automatic packaging line

Application in the petrochemical sector.

sack filling palamatic process food industry

Automatic bagging system

The upstream dosing device fills the bag. The volumes are balanced via the double jacketed filling tube.

sack filling palsack

Sack filling system

The bag filler station is supplied by a bulk bag emptying station. Once the bags are filled, they are transferred via a belt conveyor and palletized by use of a vacuum bag lifting station.

sack filling under mixer - Palsack® 01

Bag filling - PalSack® 01

The powder mixture (corn, colouring, flavourings, pyrophosphate and carbonate) is recovered by a screw feeder for bagging. Several filling heads are available to match the different types of bags (5-10-25 kg).

A magnetic bar is positioned in the bag filling mouth.


industrial bag filling bulk handling - Palsack 01

Industrial bag filling system - PalSack® 01

The bag packing station allows commercial weighing of the bags, which are then removed on a roller conveyor.

sack filling palamatic process

Sack filler for sugar industry

Bag filling line with belt conveyor for the packaging of granulated sugar.

sack filling palamatic process food

Sack filling station for food industry

Bag filler system for the packaging of animal flour on an industrial production line.

sack filling palsack

Bag filler for pharmaceutical products

Assembly of a sack filling system for packaging of citric acid powder.

sack filling system palsack palamatic process

Sack filling system by Palamatic process

Turnkey industrial solution for the milling and bag packaging of icing sugar.


Technical specification

Rate 10 to 100 sacks/h.
Capacity 5 to 60 kg/sack
Manufacturing materials Painted steel, 316L stainless steel
Installed power 1.5 kW
Compressed air consumption 0.1 Nm³
Dust removal rate 100 m³/h.

Weighing accuracy: +/- 40g

Inflatable seal: FDA


Operating procedure:

1- Bag installation

2- Docking of the bag (inflatable seal)

3- High speed filling of the bag

4- Weighing management

5- End of filling, deflation of the seal and evacuation of the bag

Our design office is at your disposal to propose solutions adapted to your process and your production requirements.

Layout of the PalSack®01-J-C-N


Available options

  • Powder sampler
    Powder sampler

    Volumetric sampling in the product flow

    The powder sampler is installed on the bag filling station. This feature can provide an automatic sample of each packaged product, ensuring batch traceability.

  • Table vibrante pour tassement du produit
    Table vibrante pour tassement du produit

    Vibrating densification table

    The vibration of the bag at the end of filling cycle optimizes the filling volume of the bag.
    Another packing alternative: air compression or mechanical pressure.

  • Hotte de dépoussiérage sur station de remplissage de sacs
    Hotte de dépoussiérage sur station de remplissage de sacs

    Filling head dust removal

    When the bag is disconnected, the suction hood positioned around the bagging head makes it possible to vacuum any traces of product around the mouth of the bag.

    The dust collection system is connected to the double jacketed filling head system.

  • Industrial sealer for bags
    Industrial sealer for bags

    Bag sealer - Rate from 4 to 20 bags/min.

    If the welder is manual there is the possibility of installing a load balancer. It is particularly suitable for plastic bags with a sealing length (width) ranging from 650 to 1000 mm.

    It is available in several versions, depending on the closing technology specified: double impulse welding, thermal welding, hot air welding, etc.

  • Couseuse de sacs industrielle
    Couseuse de sacs industrielle

    Automatic or manual bag sewing machine

    It is mainly used for closing paper bags.

  • Clippeuse industrielle pour fermeture de sacs
    Clippeuse industrielle pour fermeture de sacs

    Bag closure

    Closing system with manual or automatic clips (staples).

    Compatible with applications for the food industry.

  • Imprimante pour conditionneuse de sacs
    Imprimante pour conditionneuse de sacs

    Industrial printer for bag marking

    Printing of weight labels with history, self-adhesive, in receipt, inkjet printing directly on the bag, batch number, operator.

  • Magnetic bars
    Magnetic bars

    Capture of metallic particles at the end of the line

    This control phase before packaging ensures a high-quality finished product.

    The magnetic bars are positioned at the heart of the product flow in order to retain the metal particles.

  • Convoyeur à bande sur conditionneuse de sacs
    Convoyeur à bande sur conditionneuse de sacs

    Motorized roller conveyor

    This equipment can be integrated with load cells. The conveyor can be equipped with a raised frame to hold the bags.

  • Mise sous azote du sac
    Mise sous azote du sac

    Packaging under controlled atmosphere

    Filling in continuous flow or by vacuum breaking. Packaging under nitrogen involves the installation of specific bags and sealing by welding.

Case studies
  • Processing line for biscuit production factory

    Processed powder: Crystal sugar - Line for biscuit factory - Food manufacturer that specializes in biscuits, chocolate and cocoa. The customer's process requirements involved the milling of granulated...
  • Clean room for packing

    Processed powder: milk powder - Clean room for packing - A leading dairy and manufacturer of high value-added milk powder for the leaders in the infant market.
  • Packing of white, organic and brown sugar

    Processed powders: refined white sugar and brown sugar - Packing of white, organic and brown sugar - Leader in Africa and the Mediterranean Basin in the sugar industry and vegetable oil industry.
  • Seaweed preparation

    Processed product: seaweed - Seaweed preparation - Manufacturer of organic raw material for cosmetics.
  • Cake mix

    Processed powders: modified starch, sodium bicarbonate, fat powder, whipping base, gelatin, milled sugar - Cake mix - Company based in Saudi Arabia that manufactures and distributes dry food materials...
  • Natural food flavours

    Processed powders: apetence factors, natural food flavours - Natural food flavour - The company, which is specialized in the manufacture of flavours for domestic animal feed, was looking to install a...
  • Aromatic herbs conditioning

    Processed powder: dried grass seeds - Seeds conditioning - Installation of a double discharge station: big bag emptying and container emptying for mixer feeding as well as a double filling station:...
  • Foundation production line

    Processed powders: silica and iron oxide - Foundation manufacturing line - The aim of the installation is the mixing and homogenization of the different ingredients.
  • Continuous transfer of crackers

    Processed products: appetizers, snacks, chips and crackers - Continuous transfer of crackers - At the extrusion outlet, after the potato flour feed, the puffed crackers are directly collected to feed...
  • Grinding and packaging of finished products

    Processed products: dried insects - Grinding and packaging of finished products - Workshop for processing and packaging products for the animal nutrition sector.
  • Turnkey solution for the screening, dosing and filling sacks with toxic materials

    Treated powder: Lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide - Turnkey solution for sieving, dosing and filling 22 kg bags of toxic powder. Improvement of ergonomics and operator safety.
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Sack manipulator MANIS 160-1700

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