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Dumping of bags and big bags of pharmaceutical powder

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big bag and sack discharging pharmaceutical industry

Processed powder: pharmaceutical powder

Powdered veterinary medicinal substance


The process consists of emptying powders to feed a bagging machine.

Pharmaceutical powders are stored on pallets in 500 kg big bags or 25 kg bags and are carried by forklift trucks to the unloading station.

The big bag & sack discharging Duopal® station makes it possible to meet the needs of industries loading their processes with big bags and bags on the same unloading point.

The manual discharging of the bags is carried out in the bag dumping station via an ergonomic tray.

The big bags are positioned on the discharge structure above the hopper using a rail hoist.

The big bag & sack discharging Duopal® station is fitted with a telescopic dust-tight connection tube and a tray allowing a sealed connection of the big bag and ensuring the tension on the big bag cuff.

Between the hopper of the emptying station and the bagging machine hoppers, the powder is conveyed using a flexible connection.

A dosing valve located under the bag and big bag emptying station regulates the flow of powder into the bagging machine via the flexible sleeve. The assembly on the side of the hopper is carried out by clamp and thus allows an easy and fast disassembly of the rotary dosing valve in order to clean it in order to replace the product if necessary.

The rotary metering valve can be cleaned without disassembly.

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Big bag & sack discharging - Telescopic tube - Duopal DP1

Telescopic tube, Sack discharging unit, Big bag discharging unit

Flexible fitting

Flexible system, Hygiene, Safety, No tools needed for disassembly

Rotary valve DN

Stop or control the bulk materials flow, Sanitary applications, Pharmaceutical processes
production line palamatic process

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