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PalBox®01 Box Filling - Screw feeder

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    Box filling unit PalBox®01

    PalBox® 01 Carton filling station - Provides automated box packaging

    The container filling station packs powder or granular products in boxes.
    The semi-automatic or automatic station allows weight-based filling operations. The filling head adapts to the height of the carton for even more efficient packaging.


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    Box filling unit PalBox®01


    Box filling unit PalBox®01


    PalBox®01 box filling unit


    Box filling unit PalBox®01



    Operating procedure:

    1 - The box is placed manually on the roller conveyor.

    2 - The table on which the carton is placed automatically rises under the filling sleeve.

    3 - The product flows in the carton in a controlled way thanks to the load cell system.

    4 - The table goes down and the carton is evacuated to the stop point.

    5 - The operator removes the box from the filling station with a suction manipulator.



    The magnetic separator

    During packaging operations, metal detectors/metal ejectors separate ferrous metal particles out of the material flow, even for small metal particles.
    Metal detectors are designed for extremely precise detection and eliminate all magnetic or non-magnetic metal particles (iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum) which may be mixed with powdery products in gravity flow. This equipment is ideal for guaranteeing the protection of both installations and production, especially for the chemical and food industries.


    The vibrating lift table

    Vibrating lift tables are units designed for tamping bulk products in containers such as cartons, drums and boxes, being transferred on roller conveyors. This equipment is used to densify the material being packed in the containers to increase the apparent density, or simply limit the slope that forms at the end of filling.
    The height of the lifting table is adjustable by proximity sensors. After lowering, the load and the roller conveyor are weighed together. It is an ideal solution for filling installations.


    Conveying stops

    The stop is a fixed mechanical final element of a conveying line intended to halt or limit the accumulation of the transported container. This stop secures the end of the production line.
    For the operation of the line, retractable intermediate stops (controlled by pneumatic cylinders) can be integrated.


    Commercial weighing

    Commercial weighing corresponds to the final stage of cardboard packaging of raw materials. At the end of the conveying line the box is positioned on a scale, also called the Non-Automatic Weighing Instrument (IPFNA). The operator carries out the control operations for obtaining the weight of the box, as well as the removal of the weighed loads.
    The boxes are now ready to be palletized and stored.


    Possible configurations of the PalBox®01 model:

      Ref. Possible equipment Functions Advantages
    Choice 1  P Support tray Holds the box while filling Hygiene, height adjustment for adaptability to box format
    C Evacuation conveyor Holding and evacuation of the box during packaging Ergonomics, increased cadence
    Choice 2 Net Net weighing Ensures the quantity of the product to be packaged Accelerated rate (dosage in masked time) / may require double check weighing
    Gross Gross weighing Weighing of the entire container and contents Commercial weighing, traceability

    Our PalBox®01 packaging machine can be configured by modulating the possible basic equipment: choice 1 + choice 2.
    Example of possible reference: PalBox®01-P-Net

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    Equipment advantages

    - Control screen

    - Weighs to control the amount of material incorporated

    - Scan for the traceability of packaged boxes

    - Stop points

    View our equipment in photos

    cardboard box filling

    Box filling

    The filling head adapts according to the height of the box for tailor-made packaging.

    box filling bulk material handling

    Palbox - Box filling

    The box filling head is equipped with an inflatable seal and a clamping ring to ensure tight filling of the boxes.

    cardboard box filling bulk material handling

    Carton filling

    Weight management: switching to low speed for accurate and precise dosing as well as managing the drop tail.

    cardboard box filling bulk material handling

    Carton filling station

    The roller conveyor is used to supply the carton filling station with empty cartons.

    cardboard box filling bulk raw material handling

    Packing in cartons

    Conditioner for internal bags in cartons of flavor enhancers for the food industry.

    cardboard box filling bulk powders handling

    Carton bagger

    Mobile carton filling station on mixing and packaging line.

    cardboard box filling line

    Automated box packaging line

    Packaging at the set weight in cardboard boxes.

    industrial storage container filling

    Automated box filling line

    The PalBox® box filler from Palamatic Process packs sensitive bulk products into rigid containers.

    The system consists of:

    Cardboard box filling head

    Carton packing station

    The containment tray rests flat against the box to provide dust sealing of the bag during filling.

    Box closing after filling

    Box closing

    Manual closing of the box lid after sealing the inner bag.

    Closing of the bag after filling

    Bag sealing

    Sealing of the inner bag using a thermal welder.

    Technical specification

    Rate 4 000 liters/h.
    Capacity 50 kg/box
    Manufacturing materials Painted steel, 316L stainless steel
    Installed power 1.5 to 5.5 kW
    Compressed air consumption 0.1 to 0.5 Nm³
    Dust removal rate 100 m³/h.

    The integrated equipment:

    - Empty cardboard infeed conveyor

    - Elevating and vibrating weighing table

    - Evacuation conveyor

    - Containment

    - Servo control

    - Dosing module

    - Magnetic separator and ejector

    - Magnetic bars

    - Storage

    • Dried tomato powder process

      Processed product: dried tomato powder - Industrial process for tomato products - The application requested by the customer is the filling of big bags and cartons at the outlet of the atomization...
    • Cardboard box confined packaging station

      Cardboard box confined packaging station - Powder dosing line at dryer outlet for cardboard box packaging feed.
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    Flexible fitting

    Flexible system, Hygiene, Safety, No tools needed for disassembly

    Box manipulator

    Single operator, Optimal working conditions, Effortless lifting...

    Screw feeder - 4 models from D10 to D13

    Weight or volumetric dosing system, 24 to 6 458 liters/h.

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