Automatic sack opening systems Varislit®

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For high-rate unpacking, with multiple sacks ranging from 15 to 50 kg without adjusting

Maximum rate: 12 sacks / min.
Mild steel or stainless steel construction (patented design)

Main specifications

The automatic bag slitter VARISLIT® is mainly used in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and agro-chemical powder handling industries. The cutting system produces a three sided cut on the sacks ensuring a full discharge of product as the sack is fed through the patented disc inversion system, ensuring positive feeding of the emptied sack into the integral waste sack compactor. The optional dust extraction provides the best solution for a quick opening without dust.

Main advantages 

  • Suitable for many types of bags: paper, polytes, dubbed ....
  • Minimize the handling by the operator
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced emissions of dust
  • Integrated sack compactor
  • Easy to clean

Operating mode

Sack cutting summary diagram :

plan synoptique varislit sac

Sack rollover summary diagram :

varislit sacks rollover part one

varislit sacks rollover part two





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Electrical power  
Feeding conveyor (option) : 1,1kW(1,5HP)
Driving motor of the cutting head : 1,5kW (2HP)
Compactor and internal conveyor : 2,2kW (3HP)
Fan motor (option) : 1,5kW (2HP)
Vibrating motor (option) :  0,25kW (0,3HP)

The machine comes with a complete panel control to ensure the requested rates.


varislit dimensions

palamatic varislit dimensions


double brush device

Double brush cleaner

The brushing assembly provides cleaning of the outside of the bags before being introduced into the machine. An upper rotating brush and lower castellated rotating brush assembly are incorporated.

This option optimizes hygiene during the cutting phase.

Cleaning the outside of the bag is assured with brushes or by a bank of air jet.

The single air jet cleaner incorporates an upper air jet header pipe assembly positioned above the infeed conveyor. The double air jet cleaner gives a further action to assist with outer sack cleaning.

rotary nozzle cleaning

Clean-in-Place (C.I.P.)

The introduction of nozzles within the machine ensures, after the opening phase, a complete automatic cleaning of the equipment.

A few nozzles are located in order to clean the complete machine and thereby ensure no cross-contamination.

The drying process by hot filtered air (H14) is also offered by the design office PALAMATIC.

automatic bag opening unit on platform

Operator access platform

The platform allows operators to access the various doors of the machine.

Depending on the configuration of implementation, Palamatic offers and designs platforms according to your requirements.

stainless steel varislit with independant dust collection

Full stainless steel option for contact parts

Mild steel of stainless steel manufacturing for parts that are in direct contact with the products.

machine feeding conveyor belt

Sack infeed conveyor systems

The belt conveyor allows the operator to stand away from the entrance of the machine.

The conveyor is either vertical or inclined. It is designed with detector cells that can also time the machine throughput.

Lengths are defined according to the layout constraints.

A gooseneck is designed for inclined conveyors.

dust collection system automatic sack opening systems minislit

Dust extraction, integral or free standing, with optional explosion relief panels

The dust collector is the essential additional equipment to ensure a healthy working atmosphere.

The dust collector is directly implanted on the machine and allows to reintroduce fines or positioned outside for independent dust collectors.

  • Dust flow required: 1 000 m³/h
  • Filtration technology: cartridge or pocket
  • Unclogging: compressed air
  • Filter media (depending on the type of powder): polyester antistatic, oil repellent, PTFE coated ...

See our dust collecting solutions.

vibrating tray automatic sack opening unit

Vibrating spout

The spout located at the output of machine allows to channel the flow for introducing product into the process upstream.

The design is specific to each implementation.

sack manipulator to belt conveyor automatic sack opening systems

Sacks tube lifter

Palamatic lifting tubes for sacks provide effortless loading of the discharging units.

The operator, via a mere control handle, depalletizes sacks and positions them on the infeed conveyor.

The rate is ensured with maximum ergonomics.

lump breaker automatic sack opening systems varislit powder product line

Lump breaker

The integrated lump breaker allows the machine to handle powders that tends to form lumps.

The rotating blades provide a path for lumps through a calibrated screen.

This crusher is fully integrated into the body of the machine which permits to save space.

The technology is similar to Palamatic granulators.

circular blade cutting system automatic sack opening system

Holddown roll

The holddown roll can handle bags whose weight is below 15 kg.

Products such as Aerosil or Cabosil packaged in large bags are maintained during the cutting stage without tearing.

sack depalletiser

Automatic sack depalletiser

Automatic loading of the sack opening machine.


Semi-automatic sack opening for lime manipulation (Building industry and Minerals)

International realization in the Building industry: implementation of manual sack discharging system and mechanical conveying system.

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automatic sack opening unit varislit palamatic

Automatic sacks opening installation

Automatic sacks opening installation in a leading company in the manufacturing of plaster

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big bag unloading automatic sack opening unit and pneumatic conveying 2

Sacks and big bags unloading with pneumatic conveying

In the petrochemical sector, this installation concerns the treatment of polypropylene: emptying sacks and big bags, pneumatic conveying and filling trucks (25 t./h.) in a refinery.

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tanning adjuvants process

Process for tanning adjuvants

Feeding of a chemical dispersion process from sacks and big bags or rigid containers with chemical adjuvants

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Additional equipment

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