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Bag dumping for loading dough machines before coating

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unloading of bags for loading dough tank before coating 2

Processed powders: PVC powders

Premix for coating


This installation involves a manufacturer of coated fabric. Coating is a surface treatment that consists in applying a layer on a substrate (paper, textile, etc.).

A Varislit® automatic bag discharger is installed in this workshop dedicated to PVC preparations. An additional specific entry at the machine level allows manual incorporation of additives to be introduced into the process.

The Varislit® automatic bag opening machine is loaded by means of a bag handling system

This vacuum lifting system allows the operator to lift the PVC powder bags effortlessly. The Palamatic Process bag handler can handle all types of bags: paper bag, plastic bag, double-wrapped bag, aluminium bag...

The Varislit® bag opener allows high speed deconditioning of PVC powder bags. Its patented inversion system transports empty bags to a screw compactor for empty bags, which is an integral part of the system. This bag compactor allows the recovery and packing of bags after emptying.
The PVC powder is incorporated into the storage containers by gravity, the industrial containers are placed under the platform of the automatic bag unloader and are fed gravitationaly via a loading sleeve.

The installation is connected to the existing centralized dust collection system.

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Automatic sack discharging - Varislit®

Max. rate: 12 sacks/min.

Sack compactor

Reduce waste volume, Containment, Healthy dust-free atmosphere, All types of bags

Sack manipulator MANIS 160-1700

Effortless lifting, Operator security, Ergonomics, MSDs
production line palamatic process

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