EasyFlow® Flex

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Multi-materials big bag unload by suction

Flow rates: 50 kg to 2 tons/hour
Manufacturing: steel, 304L/316L stainless steel

Main equipment characteristics

The EasyFlow® Flex bulk bag dump station station has been designed by PALAMATIC PROCESS to remove the desired quantity of material with very high precision (thanks to a weighing system) by suction. The possibility to evacuate the big bag half-broached is the main aim of this machine. With EasyFlow® Flex, only one station is sufficient to ensure the multi-materials unload. It is the perfect combination between a VFlow® conveying system and a bulk bag station. This station enables automatic emptying operations without any operators handling. The big bags are positionned onto the station with a simple pallet truck or forklift.



Operating mode

  • The big bag is setting up on the station with a pallet truck. The operator connects the big bag mouth
  • The telescopic cane, connected to the pneumatic conveyor by suction, goes inside the big bag
  • A massage device for big bag, coupled with a ventilation system, enables a refocusing of the material for a complete big bag unloading
  • The big bag elevation system has a double goal: 1) ensure the weighing without interference; 2) optimize the material flowing
  • Closure of the big bag half-broached or empty 
Implantation_Etape_1_PalamaticProcess.png   Implantation_Etape_2_PalamaticProcess.png   Implantation_Etape_3_PalamaticProcess.png
1. Big bag setting up
2. Suction of the desired quantity of material for the recipe
  1. Suction stopping
2. Suction cane retraction
  1. The broached big bag is removed
2. Material changing


Additional equipment