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Big bag conditioner - SmashR®

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Big bag crusher SmashR Palamatic

Big bag crusher - Preparation of the product before deconditioning

The big bag conditioner prepares big bags before emptying. Once in the cage, the big bag is massaged by several pairs of cylinders (up to 8 pairs/16 jacks depending on the options). The pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders make it possible to break the mass of the big bag when it is "en bloc" to facilitate its emptying. Several massage programs are available depending on the load to ensure that the entire volume of the big bag is processed. The screened enclosure allows a safe operation of the installation.


Discover the Palamatic SmashR® big bag crusher range

SmashR® Eco

As its name suggests, the SmashR® Eco massage cage performs the primary function of crushing the big bags by breaking up their mass. In order to do this, the crushing cage for flexible containers integrates two hydraulically articulated wings (called "hydraulic pushers") and a height management of the big bag. The big bag is turned over manually. The turntable integrated as standard in the basic version is removed. The big bags are therefore turned over by the operator via his forklift to ensure a massage on all 4 sides of the big bag.

The crushing power of the big bag crusher remains unchanged with penetration forces of over 60T. The massaging force transmitted by the circular movement of the wings ensures excellent crushing without creating stress on the bottom of the big bag.

The SmashR® Eco solution is particularly suitable for all companies that want to give their big bags guaranteed flowability at minimum cost.

The SmashR® Eco crusher cage is suitable for crushing sugar big bags, salt big bags, TiO2 big bags, carbonate big bags, silica big bags... The ATEX compatibility of the SmashR® Eco big bag crusher makes it suitable for use with a wide range of powders and industries.

SmashR® Eco Palamatic

SmashR® Enclosed

The SmashR® Enclosed big bag crusher cage has been developed and designed to crush big bags containing loose powders of fine and extra fine, nano particles. Big bags that have been stored for a long time or have been transported for a long time can be dusty, in addition to having their powder set. The SmashR® Enclosed massaging cage breaks up the big bag mass in a fully sealed and dust-free enclosure. The hydraulic massage system and the rotating lift table are fully integrated into this containment. An extraction fan connected to a filter confines the dust emitted during the crushing/massage phase. When the hydraulic massage valves enter the big bag, fine particles can escape through the seams of the big bag. Thanks to the extraction system integrated in the big bag massage cage, these particles are captured and treated in the filters provided for this purpose.

The use of the SmashR® Enclosed big bag lump breaker ensures the extraction of cohesive and small particle size products. Discharging a big bag in production is made easier with the use of the crushing solutions developed by Palamatic Process.

The use of the SmashR® Enclosed hydraulic massage cage is particularly recommended for ATEX powders and applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector.

SmashR® Enclosed Palamatic

SmashR® Conv

Preparing the crumbling of big bags before production is a wise choice to optimize production times! Palamatic has developed the big bag crusher cage, SmashR® Conv, to offer operators autonomy in crushing powders stored in big bags.

In the automatic version of the big bag crusher solution, the operator positions the big bags taken in mass on the accumulation conveyors upstream of the crusher. Depending on the quantity of big bags processed per hour, our design office defines the required accumulation length. Once the big bag is positioned at the big bag crusher inlet, the PLC controls the massage cycles, the duration of the cycles and the evacuation of the crumbled big bag. The SmashR® Conv configuration thus enables the crushing of the clods contained in the big bags to be automated without repetitive intervention by the operator.

This big bag crushing station is particularly recommended for companies with several big bag emptying stations and wishing to pool their big bag crushing tool.

SmashR® Conv Palamatic

SmashR® ATEX

The SmashR® ATEX big bag lump breaker allows all industrialists to fluidise big bags containing Atex powder (explosive powder). All the hydraulic equipment and sensors integrated in the big bag crusher cage comply with ATEX standards for safe use.

The operating principles, articulation of the hydraulic massage pushers, lifting table and turntable of the IBC remain identical to the standard SmashR® version. As with the standard version, you can adjust the massage cycles in terms of operating time, clamping force, penetration stroke of the pushers. Thanks to the SmashR® ATEX system, your ATEX flexible powder containers are now free-flowing with a flowability that allows emptying at all your unloading stations.


SmashR® Fly

In order to reduce transport costs, the dimensions of big bags are becoming increasingly larger. Thus, the Palamatic Process design office has developed a long-stroke version of the SmashR® massage cage: the SmashR® Fly.

This configuration allows to break the mass of powders stored in big bags over the whole height of the big bag up to 2m20 high. The lifting table that moves the FIBC is equipped with a double scissor lift. The hydraulic pushers can thus break up the clods over the entire bulk. The crusher's automatic cycle control system allows the pusher's penetration stroke and the number of unclogging cycles to be varied according to the positioning height.

SmashR® Fly Palamatic

In summary

Whether you choose the SmashR® Eco or SmashR® Conv version, using a SmashR® system guarantees that all your big bags are unclogged. Putting a capped big bag on a FIBC emptying station without any certainty of its good flow is a high risk for the operators and a risk of disruption of your manufacturing process. Your powders which are sensitive to compaction, crushing, mass setting or which have undergone significant settling or deaeration due to storage or transport conditions, must go through a big bag decompaction phase, hydraulic massage.

Palamatic's SmashR® FIBC massage cage solutions guarantee the fluidity of all your products stored in big bags thanks to the hydraulic pushers for crushing the powder blocks.

Find out what you need to know before selecting your big bag crusher.

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Equipment advantages

- Profiled pushers and dynamic race management to prevent tearing of the big bag

- Cross for loading by trolley or elevator

- Height adjustable by pin

- 4-sided big bag massage set


View our equipment in videos

Big bag conditioner SmashR

The big bag conditioner prepares bulk bags before emptying.

Bulk bag massager

The massage cage prepares big bags before emptying. Once in the cage, the big bag is massaged by several pairs of cylinders (up to 8 pairs/16 jacks depending on the options). The pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders make it possible to break the mass of the big bag when it is "en bloc" to facilitate its emptying. Several massage programs are available depending on the load to ensure that the entire volume of the big bag is processed. The screened enclosure allows a safe operation of the installation.

SmashR the ultimate big bag conditioner

Control screen of big bag conditioner SmashR®

View our equipment in photos

Big bag crusher Palamatic

Big bag decompactor

The big bag decompactor or FIBC is the ideal solution for breaking up the mass of your products.

Easily unload big bags SmashR

Easily unload big bags

SmashR® facilitates the flow of your product and allows for easy emptying of your FIBCs. 

SmashR remote control

Remote control SmashR®

The SmashR® machine is controlled remotely via a dedicated PLC.

Decompacting the big bags that have been taken en masse

Decompacting the big bags that have been taken en masse

SmashR® the ultimate big bag conditioner decompacts your big bags throughout your production process thanks to its hydraulic massage system.

FIBC decompactor SmashR Palamatic

FIBC decompactor SmashR

Decompaction of FIBCs using the hydraulic cylinders of the SmashR massage cage.

Big bags massage cage SmashR Palamatic

Big bags massage cage

The big bag massage cage optimises discharging for your production operators.

side puncher for big bag palamatic process

Side puncher - 3D drawing

Big bag massage set on 4 sides.

Cage de massage big bag

Big bags massage cage

Massage enclosure for big bags, the arms are operated by hydraulic cylinders.

puncher fibc unloader

Side puncher - Big bag unloader

The punching system is used to prepare the bulk bags before emptying.

puncher fibc unloader

Side puncher - Bulk bag discharging

Safety enclosure for cylinder protection (optional).

Big bag dans cage de massage

Side puncher - Jumbo bag discharging

Prepare and break the blocks of bulk material before unpacking.

big bag puncher

Big bag puncher

Profiled pushers and dynamic stroke management to avoid tearing the bulk bag fabric.

Système de massage hydraulique

Help with unloading big bags

The arms break up the massed blocks of powder to facilitate emptying the big bag.

big bag side puncher flow

Jumbo bag side puncher

Compensating cross and bulk bag massage system integrated on the bulk bag discharger.

big bag side puncher palamatic process

Big bag side puncher Palamatic Process

Massage of the big bag by pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder.

Système de massage de big bags

Optimisation of big bag discharging process

The massage system facilitates the flow of bulk powders.


Technical specification

Management of cylinder strokes by laser sensor to ensure that the big bag fabric does not tear

Penetration into the heart of the big bag with force distribution on each blank of the big bag.

Manufacturing materials

painted/galvanized steel, stainless steel 304L, stainless steel 316L

Finishing touches RAL 9006, micro-blasted, electropolishing
Compressed air consumption 1.2 Nm³/h.
Operating pressure 6 bar  
TOR input 16
TOR output 6
Maximum size (Length * Width * Height) 1,300 x 1,300 x 2,000 mm


Operation procedure:

Average duration of a total cycle: 5 min

1. Attach the big bag to the handling cross     

2. Handle the cross by trolley or hoist

3. Remove the big bag in the cage and close the door

4. Beginning of the massage cycle with elevation of the big bag

(by hoist or lifting table)

5. End of the cycle and opening of the door

6. Evacuate the big bag by forklift or hoist


Dimensions :

Big bag side puncher drawing
Big bag side puncher drawing


Case studies
Download the booklet


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Big bag discharging - High rate - Easyflow EF100-200

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Big bag compactor - CBB125

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Air cannon PG

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Bin activator

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production line palamatic process

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