Super sack filling systems - FlowMatic® 10

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High speed super sack filling unit with maximum hygiene

Rates from 30 to 50 big bags/h.

The FlowMatic® 10  bulk bag filler was developed for the pharmaceutical and food industries. This super sack loader is designed to fill big bag (super sack, bulk bag, fibc, jumbo bag) in white areas and then transfer them to a storage area. A sas (gray area) closed with two airtight doors enables make the connection between the two areas and avoids the introduction of the pallets in the sensible zone. The commercial weighing combined with the pallets and super sacks feeding and extraction line enables the preparation of large quantities ready for sale with little operator intervention.


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1. White area: maximum hygiene

2. Filling head

3. Weighed structure

4. Lifting table

5. Hanging trolley for the evacuation de big bag

6. Grey zone: exit sas for big bags through the sliding door and the quick opening door

7. Conveyor set on lifting table

8. Unstacker

9. Storage zone




grounding clamp

Grounding clamp

Bonding strips are fitted to the entire system. A rapid connexion point allows the grounding of the super sack carrying an equipotential bonding of the whole unit.

mat on palett

Mat laying

A post for laying mat is located between the unstacker and the filling unit. It enables the automatic positioning of a mat (cardboard or PE film) on the empty pallet, prior to filling. This post is a necessary complement for maximum containment of the big bag and meets the quality standard of many industries.

fan on big bag filling unit

Shaping of the big bag

The fan, fitted on the main structure, ensures the shaping of the super sack.

It facilitates the filling of big bags fitted with an inner liner (PE or aluminized).

A by-pass valve completes the aeraulic line for degassing fines, captured by the double envelope tube during the conditioning phase.

pallet unstacker

Pallet unstacker on super sack filling line

In order to automate the big bag filling station, we propose the implementation of an automatic pallet unstacker.
Stacked pallets are stored and then fed one by one in the filling unit using a motorized conveyor.

big bag filling unit palamatic

Contained packaging line

Packaging cabin in Atex 20/22 contained area

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