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Big bag packing in the hygienic zone (white zone) of baby food products

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Bulk bag filling system baby food - Bulk powder handling

Processed powder: milk powder

Clean room for packing


A leading dairy and manufacturer of high value-added milk powder for the leaders in the infant market..

The objective of the installation is to design a packing system that makes it possible to load milk powder in big bags and sacks on the same station without any risk of cross-contamination and external contamination.

The bag filling PalSack®01 can be used for bags and big bags and is located in a clean room made of stainless steel which ensures hygiene and cleanliness of the packing at the outlet of the production room. A set of SAS with overpressure control ensures an ultra-clean air and atmosphere in the conditioning areas. The packing room entirely designed and manufactured by Palamatic Process is made of 304 stainless steel. All the packing equipment is "suspended" from the structure of the room in order to have no components on the ground. This unique design offers a unique cleaning ease.
A stainless steel tank is positioned above the big bags and sacks filling station, outside the clean room. This buffer hopper is provided with a fluid supply valve and has a capacity of 3,000 liters. It is controlled via the PLC. The hopper is fitted with a retractable bottom for inspection by the operator. The hopper is disconnected on a surface with a diameter of 800 mm and thus allows ergonomic access to the operator. The hinge is made directly on the hopper feet. This access facilitates inspections of operators after the CIP phases (C.I.P.) ensuring hygiene controls. 

An automatic extractable screw sampler ensures regular and automatic sampling of all production batches. 

milk powder sampler palamatic process
flexible connector milk powder babyfoof palamatic process

Big bag filling

The operator has access to the big bag cuff thanks to a platform and positions the big bag cuff on the inflatable joint.
Then, he manages the various phases of filling of the big bag via the control cabinet: switching the fan on and off during a set time, controlling the opening valves of the big bag dust collector and inflation networks as well as authorizing the opening of the bulk material supply valve. The big bag is pre-inflated by a fan fitted with filters for perfectly clean air. The compression sensors (load cells) inform the PLC of the filling level of the big bag and when the target weight is reached (commercial weighing), the valve closes. At the end of the dosing process, the inflatable seal is exhausted to allow the big bag to be removed.


Sack filling

In order to ensure packing in bags, a drop chute pipe made of 316L stainless steel is used to supply the specific dosing valve. This system allows the user to remove any dimensional constraints from the bag "openings". Indeed, the inflatable seal and pressure ring system allows any type of bag to be conditioned thanks to this clamping system.
A bag mode is integrated in the PLC to ensure operator control. The Palsack® bag filling station is supplied with a weighing tray. A suction booth for dust control provides effective dust removal during the bag degassing phases. The palletization of sealed and sewn bags is ensured by the operator via a sack manipulator Manis 160-1700.

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Dust control - Suction booth

Ergonomics and safety of the workstation, hygienic working environment, Easy installation

FlowMatic®10 big bag filling system ECD

High rate, Maximum hygiene, Clean room FIBC loading, Dairy industries design, Automatic conveyor, Without pallet

PalSack®01 Bag filling - Screw feeder

Weighing, Management of dosing speeds, Containment, Packaging for open mouth sacks

Palsack®02 Bagging equipment - Vibrating dosing machine

Weighing, Dosing speed management, Containment, Packaging for open mouth bags

PalSack®03 high-flow bag packaging machine

Containment, precision, high speed, gross weighing

Powder sampler ECD

Volumetric collection of bulk materials, Contained process, No contact with the powder

Sack manipulator MANIS 160-1700

Effortless lifting, Operator security, Ergonomics, MSDs

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